3 John

Rotherham(i) 1 The elder, unto Gaius the beloved, whom, I, love in truth. 2 Beloved! concerning all things, I pray thou mayest be prospering, and be in health, even as, thy soul, is prospering,
3 For I rejoiced exceedingly, at brethren coming and bearing witness unto thy truth,––even as, thou, in truth, art walking. 4 I have no, greater, favour than these things, that I should be hearing that, my own children, in the truth, are walking. 5 Beloved! a faithful thing, art thou doing, whatsoever thou shalt accomplish for them that are brethren, and withal strangers,–– 6 Who have borne witness to thy love before the assembly: whom thou wilt do, nobly, to set forward worthily of God. 7 For, in behalf of The Name, have they gone forth, taking, nothing, from them of the nations. 8 We, therefore ought to be sustaining such as these, that we may become, fellowworkers, with the truth.
9 I wrote something unto the assembly; but, he who is fond of taking the first place among them––Diotrephes, doth not make us welcome. 10 For this cause, if I come, I will bring to remembrance his works which he is doing,––with wicked words, prating against us; and, not content with these, he neither, himself, maketh the brethren welcome, but, them who are minded [to do it], he forbiddeth, and, out of the assembly, doth cast [them]. 11 Beloved! be not thou imitating what is bad, but what is good. He that doeth good, is, of God: he that doeth what is bad, hath not seen God.
12 Unto Demetrius, hath witness been borne by all and by the truth itself; howbeit, we also, bear witness, and thou knowest that, our witness, is, true. 13 Many things, had I to write unto thee,––but I am unwilling, with ink and pen, to be writing; 14 I hope, however, straightway, to see thee, and, mouth to mouth, will we talk. Peace be unto thee. The friends salute thee. Salute the friends by name.