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Jeremiah 32:8 (new)
  8 H2601 So Hanameel H1730 my uncle's H1121 son H935 [H8799] came H2691 to me in the court H4307 of the prison H1697 according to the word H3068 of the LORD, H559 [H8799] and said H7069 [H8798] to me, Buy H7704 my field, H6068 I pray thee, that is in Anathoth, H776 which is in the land H1144 of Benjamin: H4941 for the right H3425 of inheritance H1353 is thine, and the redemption H7069 [H8798] is thine; buy H3045 [H8799] it for thyself. Then I knew H1697 that this was the word H3068 of the LORD.