H2077 זבח - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H2076; properly a slaughter, that is, the flesh of an animal; by implication a sacrifice (the victim or the act)

KJV Usage: offer (-ing), sacrifice.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. sacrifice
a. sacrifices of righteousness
b. sacrifices of strife
c. sacrifices to dead things
d. the covenant sacrifice
e. the passover
f. annual sacrifice
g. thank offering
Origin: from H2076
TWOT: 525a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) sacrifice
1a) sacrifices of righteousness
1b) sacrifices of strife
1c) sacrifices to dead things
1d) the covenant sacrifice
1e) the passover
1f) annual sacrifice
1g) thank offering

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First 30 of 162 occurrences of H2077 זבח

Genesis 31:54 sacrifice
Genesis 46:1 sacrifices
Exodus 10:25 also sacrifices
Exodus 12:27 It is the sacrifice
Exodus 18:12 and sacrifices
Exodus 23:18 of my sacrifice
Exodus 24:5 offerings
Exodus 29:28 of the sacrifice
Exodus 34:15 of his sacrifice;
Exodus 34:25 of my sacrifice
Exodus 34:25 neither shall the sacrifice
Leviticus 3:1 shall be a sacrifice
Leviticus 3:3 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 3:6 for a sacrifice
Leviticus 3:9 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 4:10 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 4:26 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 4:31 from off the sacrifice
Leviticus 4:35 from the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:11 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:12 with the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:13 with the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:15 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:16 But if the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:16 his sacrifice:
Leviticus 7:17 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:18 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:20 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:21 of the sacrifice
Leviticus 7:29 the sacrifice

Distinct usage

12 of the sacrifice
12 And for a sacrifice
11 sacrifices
10 sacrifice
6 a sacrifice
5 offerings
5 The sacrifice
4 the sacrifices
3 of my sacrifice
3 a sacrifice,
3 sacrifice,
3 hath a sacrifice
2 for a sacrifice
2 with the sacrifice
2 for a sacrifice
2 or sacrifice,
2 and your sacrifices,
2 sacrifice.
2 and sacrifices
2 and sacrifices,
1 also sacrifices
1 of his sacrifice;
1 neither shall the sacrifice
1 from off the sacrifice
1 from the sacrifice
1 But if the sacrifice
1 his sacrifice:
1 of the sacrifices
1 ye offer
1 for the sacrifice
1 or a sacrifice
1 or for a sacrifice
1 to the sacrifices
1 of thy sacrifices
1 of their sacrifices,
1 nor for sacrifice:
1 nor for sacrifices;
1 ye at my sacrifice
1 the sacrifice;
1 to the sacrifice,
1 with me to the sacrifice.
1 them to the sacrifice.
1 sacrifices.
1 of the sacrifice:
1 and the sacrifices;
1 of sacrifice.
1 sacrifices,
1 with me by sacrifice.
1 thee for thy sacrifices
1 not sacrifice;
1 with the sacrifices
1 to thee the sacrifice
1 of sacrifices
1 than sacrifice.
1 me with thy sacrifices.
1 and their sacrifices
1 to your sacrifices,
1 or sacrifices:
1 to my sacrifice
1 and the sacrifice.

Related words


H2078 זבח zebach
The same as H2077; sacrifice; Zebach, a Midianitish prince

KJV Usage: Zebah.

H2076 זבח zâbach

A primitive root; to slaughter an animal (usually in sacrifice)

KJV Usage: kill, offer, (do) sacrifice, slay.

H1684 דּבח de bach
de bach
(Chaldee); corresponding to H2076; to sacrifice (an animal)

KJV Usage: offer [sacrifice].

H4196 מזבּח mizbêach
From H2076; an altar

KJV Usage: altar.