H268 אחר אחור - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

אחר אחור
'âchôr 'âchôr
aw-khore', aw-khore'
From H299; the hinder part; hence (adverbially) behind, backward; also (as facing north) the West

KJV Usage: after (-ward), back (part, -side, -ward), hereafter, (be-) hind (-er part), time to come, without.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


אחר אחור

1. the back side, the rear
a. backwards
b. hereafter (of time)
c. behind
Origin: from H299
TWOT: 68d
Parts of Speech:

1) the back side, the rear
1a) backwards
1b) hereafter (of time)
1c) behind

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First 30 of 41 occurrences of H268 אחר אחור

Genesis 49:17 backward.
Exodus 26:12 over the back
Exodus 33:23 my back parts:
2 Samuel 1:22 not back,
2 Samuel 10:9 and behind,
1 Kings 7:25 upon them, and all their hinder parts
1 Chronicles 19:10 and behind,
2 Chronicles 4:4 upon them, and all their back parts
2 Chronicles 13:14 and behind:
Job 23:8 but he is not there; and backward,
Psalms 9:3 back,
Psalms 35:4 back
Psalms 40:14 backward
Psalms 44:10 back
Psalms 44:18 back,
Psalms 56:9 back:
Psalms 70:2 backward,
Psalms 78:66 in the hinder part:
Psalms 114:3 back.
Psalms 114:5 back?
Psalms 129:5 back
Psalms 139:5 me behind
Proverbs 29:11 it in till afterwards.
Isaiah 1:4 backward.
Isaiah 9:12 behind;
Isaiah 28:13 backward,
Isaiah 41:23 after this,
Isaiah 42:17 back,
Isaiah 42:23 for the time to come?
Isaiah 44:25 men backward,

Distinct usage

4 back
3 backward.
3 back,
3 backward,
2 back.
2 and behind,
1 over the back
1 not back,
1 upon them, and all their hinder parts
1 upon them, and all their back parts
1 but he is not there; and backward,
1 back?
1 behind;
1 men backward,
1 and went backward,
1 me back:
1 with their backs
1 away back?
1 after this,
1 it in till afterwards.
1 backward:
1 and behind:
1 and without:
1 back:
1 my back parts:
1 me behind
1 in the hinder part:
1 backward
1 for the time to come?
1 neither turned backward.

Corresponding Greek Words

achor G1424 dusme
achor G1715 em prosthen
achor G1904 ep erchomai
achor G2246 helios
achor G2756 kenos
achor G3693 opisthen
achor G3694 opiso
achoran G2087 heteros *

Related words


H322 אחרנּית 'ăchôrannı̂yth
Prolonged from H268; backwards

KJV Usage: back(-ward, again).

H299 אחירע 'ăchı̂yra‛

From H251 and H7451; brother of wrong; Achira, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Ahira.