H3409 ירך - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to be soft; the thigh (from its fleshy softness); by euphemism the generative parts; figuratively a shank, flank, side

KJV Usage: X body, loins, shaft, side, thigh.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. thigh, side, loin, base
a. thigh
1. outside of thigh (where sword was worn)
2. loins (as the seat of procreative power)
b. side (flank) (of object)
c. base
Origin: from an unused root meaning to be soft
TWOT: 916a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) thigh, side, loin, base
1a) thigh
1a1) outside of thigh (where sword was worn)
1a2) loins (as the seat of procreative power)
1b) side (flank) (of object)
1c) base

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First 30 of 34 occurrences of H3409 ירך

Genesis 24:2 under my thigh:
Genesis 24:9 under the thigh
Genesis 32:25 the hollow of his thigh;
Genesis 32:25 thigh
Genesis 32:31 upon his thigh.
Genesis 32:32 of the thigh,
Genesis 32:32 thigh
Genesis 46:26 of his thigh,
Genesis 47:29 under my thigh,
Exodus 1:5 from
Exodus 25:31 its shaft,
Exodus 28:42 even to the thighs
Exodus 32:27 by his side,
Exodus 37:17 its shaft,
Exodus 40:22 upon the side
Exodus 40:24 on the side
Leviticus 1:11 it on the side
Numbers 3:29 on the side
Numbers 3:35 on the side
Numbers 5:21 thy thigh
Numbers 5:22 and thy thigh
Numbers 5:27 and her thigh
Numbers 8:4 to its shaft,
Judges 3:16 thigh.
Judges 3:21 thigh,
Judges 8:30 of his thigh
Judges 15:8 thigh
2 Kings 16:14 side
Psalms 45:3 upon thy thigh,
Song of Songs 3:8 upon his thigh

Distinct usage

3 thigh
3 on the side
2 its shaft,
1 under the thigh
1 the hollow of his thigh;
1 upon his thigh.
1 by his side,
1 thy thigh
1 and thy thigh
1 to its shaft,
1 thigh.
1 thigh,
1 upon his thigh
1 of thy thighs
1 therefore upon thy thigh.
1 the thigh,
1 upon the side
1 from
1 and her thigh
1 of the thigh,
1 it on the side
1 side
1 even to the thighs
1 of his thigh
1 of his thigh,
1 upon my thigh:
1 upon thy thigh,
1 under my thigh:
1 under my thigh,

Corresponding Greek Words

yarekh G2250 hemera
yarekh G3382 meros
yarekh G4628 skelos

Related words


H3411 ירכה ye rêkâh
ye rêkâh
Feminine of H3409; properly the flank; but used only figuratively, the rear or recess

KJV Usage: border, coast, part, quarter, side.