H8334 שׁרת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to attend as a menial or worshipper; figuratively to contribute to

KJV Usage: minister (unto), (do) serve (-ant, -ice, -itor), wait on.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. (Piel) to minister, serve, minister to
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 2472
Parts of Speech: Verb

to minister
1) (Piel) to minister, serve, minister to

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First 30 of 97 occurrences of H8334 שׁרת

Genesis 39:4 and he served
Genesis 40:4 with them, and he served
Exodus 24:13 and his servant
Exodus 28:35 to minister:
Exodus 28:43 to minister
Exodus 29:30 to minister
Exodus 30:20 to minister,
Exodus 33:11 but his servant
Exodus 35:19 to do service
Exodus 39:1 to do service
Exodus 39:26 to minister
Exodus 39:41 to do service
Numbers 1:50 and they shall minister
Numbers 3:6 that they may minister
Numbers 3:31 by which they minister,
Numbers 4:9 by which they serve
Numbers 4:12 by which they minister
Numbers 4:14 by which they minister
Numbers 8:26 But shall minister
Numbers 11:28 the servant
Numbers 16:9 to minister
Numbers 18:2 to thee, and minister
Deuteronomy 10:8 to minister
Deuteronomy 17:12 to minister
Deuteronomy 18:5 to minister
Deuteronomy 18:7 Then he shall minister
Deuteronomy 21:5 to minister
Joshua 1:1 minister,
1 Samuel 2:11 ministered
1 Samuel 2:18 ministered

Distinct usage

18 to minister
5 that ministered
4 ministered
3 to do service
3 the ministers
2 and his servant
2 by which they minister
2 and ministered
2 of his ministers,
2 by which they ministered,
2 to minister,
2 that minister
2 to serve
2 shall minister
2 ye ministers
2 that served
1 with them, and he served
1 and they shall minister
1 by which they minister,
1 by which they serve
1 the servant
1 minister,
1 Then his servant
1 And when the servant
1 and to minister
1 and minister
1 who minister
1 These waited
1 and they that minister
1 to us ministers
1 he shall serve
1 ye ministers
1 his ministers:
1 you the Ministers
1 my ministers.
1 in which they minister;
1 to me, to minister
1 upon them, while they minister
1 in which they ministered,
1 where the ministers
1 ministers,
1 but his servant
1 But shall minister
1 that minister,
1 to minister:
1 that they may minister
1 to thee, and minister
1 Then he shall minister
1 And they ministered
1 him, to serve
1 him, and that ye should minister
1 Yet they shall be ministers
1 and ministering
1 them to minister
1 Because they ministered
1 to me to minister
1 and he served
1 all his servants

Corresponding Greek Words

sharat pi. G103 ado
sharat pi. G1248 diakonia
sharat pi. G1249 diakonos
sharat pi. G1398 douleuo
sharat pi. G2100 euaresteo
sharat pi. G2240 heko
sharat pi. G2324 therapon
sharat pi. G3000 latreuo
sharat pi. G3008 leitourgeo
sharat pi. G3011 leitourgos
sharat pi. G3936 par istemi
sharet G3010 leitourgikos

Related words


H8335 שׁרת shârêth
infinitive of H8334; service (in the Temple)

KJV Usage: minister (-ry).