BDB3380 [H2963]

טָרַף verb tear, rend, pluck (Late Hebrew id., especially of wild beasts; Aramaic טָרַף tear, seize, especially of creditors; טְרֵיפָא torn flesh or animal; Arabic depasture, said of camel) —

Qal Perfect טָרַף Job 16:9 טָרָ֑ף Hos 6:1, etc.; Imperfect יִטְרֹף Ps 7:3 וַיִּטְרֹף Amos 1:11 (but see below); יִטְרָ֑ף Gen 49:27 אֶטְרֹף Hos 5:14; Ps 50:22 Infinitive לִטְרֹף Ps 17:12 Participle active טֹרֵף Job 18:4, etc.; — tear rend, of wild beasts, Gen 37:33 (J), Gen 44:28 (J; infinitive absolute with Punic q. v. ), Exod 22:12 (J E; infinitive absolute with Niph`al q. v.) Elsewhere only in simile and metaphor; simile of Gad's fierceness Deut 33:20 (like a lioness, poem); so of Benjamin Gen 49:27 (as a wolf, poem); of the remnant of Jacob, like a young lion among sheep, רָמַס וְטָרַף Mic 5:7 of the wicked, Ps 17:12 (lion), Ps 7:3 object נַפְשִׁי (like a lion); Ps 22:14 psalmist's foes like lion (|| שֹׁאֵג); Ezek 22:25 (טֹרֵף טָ֑רֶף), princes like wolves vEzek 22:27 (id.); metaphor of Israel's princes, like young lion Ezek 19:3; Ezek 19:6 (with טֶרֶף accusative of congnate meaning with verb); of Nineveh's king Nah 2:13 (as lion); of God's treatment of the wicked Hos 5:14 (like a lion), Ps 50:22 subject wrath of God (אַף) conceived as assailing Job, Job 16:9 his wrath teareth and persecuteth me; compare טָרָ֖ף וְיִרְפָּאֵנוּ Hos 6:1 subject ׳י (|| יַךְ וְיַחְבְּשֵׁנוּ; on tenses see Dr§ 84 β; 171, 174 n. 1); subject anger of Edom (absolute) Amos 1:11, but read perhaps וַיִּטֹּר for וַיִּטְרֹף and he kept his anger perpetually, so Ol on Ps 103:9 We; טֹרֵף נַפְשׁוֺ בְּאַפּוֺ, said of Job by Bildad Job 18:4. Niph`al Imperfect of animal torn (by wild beasts) טָרֹף יִטָּרֵף Exod 22:12 (JE); יִטָּרֵף also in prediction of judgment on people of Jerusalem Jer 5:6. Pu`al Perfect טָרֹף טֹרַף יוֺסֵף Gen 37:33 (J) Joseph has certainly been torn in pieces; compare טֹרָ֑ף ׳ט Gen 44:28 (J). Hiph`il Imperative masculine singular suffix, note especially 2nd accusative לֶחֶם, הַטְרִפֵנִי לָחֶם חֻקִּי Prov 30:8 let me devour my appointed bread (of men, late; compare טֶרֶף Prov 31:15, and Ps 111:5; Mal 3:10).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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