ECB(i) 1
In the third year of the sovereigndom of Yah Yaqim sovereign of Yah Hudah, Nebukadnets Tsar sovereign of Babel comes to Yeru Shalem and besieges it: 2 and Adonay gives Yah Yaqim sovereign of Yah Hudah into his hand with part of the instruments of the house of Elohim: which he carried into the land of Shinar to the house of his elohim; and he brings the instruments into the treasury of his elohim. 3
And the sovereign says to Ashpenaz the rabbi of his eunuchs, to bring of the sons of Yisra El and of seed of the sovereign and of the nobles; 4 children in whom is no blemish - and of good visage and comprehending in all wisdom and knowing in knowledge and discerning in knowledge; and such as have inner force to stand in the manse of the sovereign; and to teach them the scrolls and the tongue of the Kesediym. 5 And the sovereign numbers them a day by day word of the delicacies of the sovereign, and of the wine he drinks: thus nourishing them three years; so that at the end they stand at the face of the sovereign. 6 Among these, of the sons of Yah Hudah, Dani El, Hanan Yah, Misha El, and Azar Yah: 7 to whom the governor of the eunuchs set names: and he sets to Dani El, Belte Shats Tsar; and to Hanan Yah, Shadrach; and to Misha El, Meshach; and to Azar Yah, Abed Nego. 8 And Dani El sets in his heart to not profane with the delicacies of the sovereign or with the wine he drinks: and he beseeches the governor of the eunuchs that he not profane: 9 and Elohim gives Dani El mercy and mercies at the face of the governor of the eunuchs. 10 And the governor of the eunuchs says to Dani El, I fear my adoni the sovereign who numbers your food and your drink: for why sees he your faces enraged more than the children of your circle? You have me owe my head to the sovereign. 11 And Dani El says to the steward whom the governor of the eunuchs numbers over Dani El, Hanan Yah, Misha El, and Azar Yah, 12 Test your servants, I beseech you, ten days; have them give us herbs to eat and water to drink: 13 then, at your face, see our visages and the visage of the children who eat of the delicacies of the sovereign: and work with your servants as you see fit. 14 And he hearkens to them in this word and tests them ten days: 15 and at the end of ten days they see their visages better and fatter in flesh than all the children who eat the delicacies of the sovereign. 16 And the steward lifts their delicacies and the wine they drink; and gives them herbs. 17 As for these four children, Elohim gives them knowledge and comprehension in all scrolls and wisdom: and Dani El discerns all visions and dreams. 18 And at the end of the days the sovereign says to bring them in: and the governor of the eunuchs brings them in at the face of Nebukadnets Tsar: 19 and the sovereign words with them: and among them all, no one was found as Dani El, Hanan Yah, Misha El, and Azar Yah: and they stand at the face of the sovereign. 20 And in all words of wisdom and of discernment the sovereign beseeches of them he finds them ten hands better than all the horoscopists and enchanters in all his sovereigndom: 21 and Dani El continues to the first year of sovereign Koresh.