1 H7969 In the third H8141 year H4438 of the reign H3079 of Jehoiakim H4428 king H3063 of Judah H935 came H5019 Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H3389 to Jerusalem, H6696 and besieged it.
  2 H136 The Lord H5414 gave H3079 Jehoiakim H4428 king H3063 of Judah H3027 into his hand, H7117 with part H3627 of the vessels H1004 of the house H430 of God; H935 and he carried H776 them into the land H8152 of Shinar H1004 to the house H430 of his god: H935 and he brought H3627 the vessels H214 into the treasure H1004 house H430 of his god.
  3 H4428 The king H559 spoke H828 to Ashpenaz H7227 the master H5631 of his eunuchs, H935 that he should bring H1121 in certain of the children H3478 of Israel, H2233 even of the seed H4410 royal H6579 and of the nobles;
  4 H3206 youths H3971 in whom was no blemish, H2896 but well - H4758 favored, H7919 and skillful H2451 in all wisdom, H3045 and endowed H1847 with knowledge, H995 and understanding H4093 science, H3581 and such as had ability H5975 to stand H4428 in the king's H1964 palace; H3925 and that he should teach H5612 them the learning H3956 and the language H3778 of the Chaldeans.
  5 H4428 The king H4487 appointed H3117 for them a daily H1697 portion H4428 of the king's H6598 dainties, H3196 and of the wine H4960 which he drank, H1431 and that they should be nourished H7969 three H8141 years; H7117 that at its end H5975 they should stand H6440 before H4428 the king.
  6 H1121 Now among these were, of the children H3063 of Judah, H1840 Daniel, H2608 Hananiah, H4332 Mishael, H5838 and Azariah.
  7 H8269 The prince H5631 of the eunuchs H7760 gave H8034 names H1840 to them: to Daniel H7760 he gave H1095 the name of Belteshazzar; H2608 and to Hananiah, H7714 of Shadrach; H4332 and to Mishael, H4335 of Meshach; H5838 and to Azariah, H5664 of Abednego.
  8 H1840 But Daniel H7760 purposed H3820 in his heart H1351 that he would not defile H6598 himself with the H4428 king's H6598 dainties, H3196 nor with the wine H4960 which he drank: H1245 therefore he requested H8269 of the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H1351 that he might not defile himself.
  9 H430 Now God H5414 made H1840 Daniel H2617 to find kindness H7356 and compassion H6440 in the sight H8269 of the prince H5631 of the eunuchs.
  10 H8269 The prince H5631 of the eunuchs H559 said H1840 to Daniel, H3373 I fear H113 my lord H4428 the king, H4487 who has appointed H3978 your food H4960 and your drink: H7200 for why should he see H6440 your faces H7200 worse looking H3206 than the youths H1524 who are of your own age? H2325 so would you endanger H7218 my head H4428 with the king.
  11 H1840 Then Daniel H559 said H4453 to the steward H8269 whom the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H4487 had appointed H1840 over Daniel, H2608 Hananiah, H4332 Mishael, H5838 and Azariah:
  12 H5254 Test H5650 your servants, H6235 I beg you, ten H3117 days; H5414 and let them give H2235 us vegetables H398 to eat, H4325 and water H8354 to drink.
  13 H4758 Then let our faces H7200 be looked on H6440 before H4758 you, and the face H3206 of the youths H398 who eat H6598 of the H4428 king's H6598 dainties; H7200 and as you see, H6213 deal H5650 with your servants.
  14 H8085 So he listened H1697 to them in this matter, H5254 and proved H6235 them ten H3117 days.
  15 H7117 At the end H6235 of ten H3117 days H4758 their faces H7200 appeared H2896 fairer, H1277 and they were fatter H1320 in flesh, H3206 than all the youths H398 who ate H6598 of the H4428 king's H6598 dainties.
  16 H4453 So the steward H5375 took away H6598 their dainties, H3196 and the wine H4960 that they should drink, H5414 and gave H2235 them pulse.
  17 H702 Now as for these four H3206 youths, H430 God H5414 gave H4093 them knowledge H7919 and skill H5612 in all learning H2451 and wisdom: H1840 and Daniel H995 had understanding H2377 in all visions H2472 and dreams.
  18 H7117 At the end H3117 of the days H4428 which the king H559 had appointed H935 for bringing H8269 them in, the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H935 brought H6440 them in before H5019 Nebuchadnezzar.
  19 H4428 The king H1696 talked H4672 with them; and among them all was found H1840 none like Daniel, H2608 Hananiah, H4332 Mishael, H5838 and Azariah: H5975 therefore stood H6440 they before H4428 the king.
  20 H1697 In every matter H2451 of wisdom H998 and understanding, H4428 concerning which the king H1245 inquired H4672 of them, he found H6235 them ten times H3027 better H2748 than all the magicians H825 and enchanters H4438 who were in all his realm.
  21 H1840 Daniel H259 continued even to the first H8141 year H4428 of king H3566 Cyrus.