1 Peter

Matthew(i) 1 Peter an Apostle of Iesu Christe to them that dwell here & there as straungers thorowout all Pontus, Galacia, Capadocia Asia, and Bithinia, elect 2 by the for knoweledge of God the father, thorowe the sanctifiynge of the spyryte, vnto obedience & sprinklyng of the bloude of Iesus Christe. Grace be wyth you & peace be multiplied. 3 Blessed be God the father of oure Lorde Iesus Christe, whiche thorowe his aboundaunt mercye begat vs agayne vnto lyuely hope by the resurreccyon of Iesus Christe from death, 4 to enioye an enherytaunce immortall & vndefyled, and that putryfyeth not, reserued in heauen for you, 5 whiche are kept by the power of God thorowe fayth, vnto saluacyon, whiche saluacyon is prepared all ready to be shewed in the laste tyme, 6 in the whiche tyme ye shall reioyce, thoughe nowe for a season (yf nede requyre) ye are in heauynes, thorow manyfolde temptacyon, 7 that youre faythe ones tryed beynge muche more precyous, then golde that perysheth (though it be tryed with fyre) myghte be founde vnto laude, glory, and honoure, at the apearynge of Iesus Christ 8 whome ye haue not sene, and yet loue hym, in whome euen nowe, thoughe ye se hym not, yet do you beleue: and reioyce with ioye vnspeakeable and gloryous: 9 receyuynge the ende of youre faythe, the saluacyon of youre soules. 10 Of whiche saluacyon haue the Prophetes enquyred and searched, whiche prophesyed of the grace that shoulde come vnto you, 11 searchynge when or at what tyme of the spyryte of Christe whiche was in them, shoulde signifye, whiche spyryte testyfyed before, the passyons that shoulde come vnto Christe, and the glorye that shoulde folowe after: 12 vnto which Prophetes it was declared, that not vnto them selues, but vnto vs, they shoulde mynyster the thynges whiche are nowe shewed vnto you of them whiche by the holye ghoste sent doune from heauen, haue preached vnto you the thynges whiche the aungels desyre to beholde. 13 Wherfore gyrde vp the loynes of youre myndes, be sober, and trust perfectelye on the grace that is broughte vnto you, by the declarynge of Iesus Christe, 14 as obedyent chyldren not fashyonynge youre selues vnto your old lustes of ignorauncye: 15 but as he whiche called you is holye, euen so be ye holy in all maner of conuersacyon, 16 because it is wrytten. Be ye holy, for I am holy. 17 And yf so be that ye call on the father, whiche wythout respecte of person, iudgeth accordynge to euery mannes workes se that ye passe the tyme of youre pylgrymage in feare. 18 For as muche as ye know howe that ye were not redemed wyth corruptyble syluer and golde, from youre vayne conuersacyon whiche ye receyued by the tradicyons of the fathers: 19 but wyth the precyous bloud of christ as of a lambe vndefyled, and wythout spotte, 20 whiche was ordeyned before the worlde was made, but was declared in the laste tymes for youre sakes, 21 whiche by hys meanes haue beleued on God that raysed hym from death, & gloryfyed hym, that youre faythe and hope myght be in God. 22 And for as muche as ye haue puryfyed, youre soules thorowe the spyryte, in obeying the truethe for to loue brotherlye wythout faynynge, se that ye loue one another with a pure herte feruentlye: 23 for ye are borne a newe, not of mortal seede, but of immortall, by the word of God whiche lyueth, and lasteth for euer. 24 For all fleshe is as grasse, and all the glorye of man is as the floure grasse. The grasse wyddereth, and the floure falleth awaye, 25 but the worde of the Lorde endureth euer. And thys is the worde whiche by the gospell was preached amonge you.