Matthew(i) 1 In the fyrste yeare of Cyrus king of Persia (that the word of the lord spoken by the mouth of Ieremy mighte be fulfylled) the Lord stered vp the sprete of Cyrus kynge of Persia, that he caused it be proclamed thorowout al his empyre, ye and by wrytinge also, saying: 2 Thus sayth Cyrus the king of Persia: The Lord God of heauen hath geuen me al the kingdomes in the land & hath commaunded me to buylde him an house at Ierusalem in Iuda. 3 Whosoeuer now amonge you is of hys people, the Lord his God be with him, & let him go vp to Ierusalem in Iuda, and buylde the house of the Lorde God of Israell. He is the God that is at Ierusalem. 4 And whosoeuer remayneth yet in any maner of a place (where he is a straunger) let the men of hys place helpe him with syluer & golde, wt good & cattel, beside that which they willingly offer, for the house of God at Ierusalem. 5 Then gat vp the principal fathers of Iuda and Ben Iamin, & the priestes and Leuites, and all they whose sprete God had raysed to go vp, and to buylde the house of the Lord at Ierusalem. 6 And al they that were aboute them, strengthed their hand with vessels of syluer and golde, with good & catel, and Iewels, besyde that whiche they gaue of their owne frewyll. 7 And Kynge Cyrus broughte forth of the vessels of the house of the Lorde, whiche Nabuchodonozor had taken oute of Ierusalem, and put in the house of his God. 8 But Cyrus the kynge of Persia brought them forth by Mithridates the treasurer, & numbred them vnto Selbazar the prynce of Iuda. 9 And this is the numbre of them: thyrtye basens of gold, and a thousand basens of siluer, and nine and twenty knyues, 10 thyrty cuppes of gold, and of other syluer cuppes foure hundred and ten, and of other vessels a thousande. 11 So that all the vessels both of golde and syluer, were fyue thousand & foure hundred. Sesbazar brought them all vp, with them that came vp out of the captiuite of Babilon vnto Ierusalem.