Song of Songs

Rotherham(i) 1 The Song of Songs, which pertaineth to Solomon.
2 [SHE] Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! [THEY] For better are thy caresses than wine: 3 Like the fragrance of thy precious oils, Oil poured out, is thy name, For this cause, virgins love thee. 4 [SHE] Draw me! [THEY] After thee, will we run! [SHE] The king, hath brought me, into his chambers. [THEY] We will exult and rejoice in thee, we will mention thy caresses, beyond wine, Sincerely they love thee. 5 [SHE] Swarthy, I am but comely, ye daughters of Jerusalem. [THEY] Like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon. 6 [SHE] Do not look on me, because, I, am so swarthy, because the sun hath scorched me,––My mother’s sons, were angry with me, they set me to keep the vineyards, Mine own vineyard, have I not kept. . . .
7 Tell me, thou loved of my soul! Where wilt thou pasture thy flock? Where wilt thou let them recline at noon? For why should I be as one that wrappeth a veil about her, by the flocks of thy companions? 8 [HE] If thou know not of thyself, most beautiful among women! get thee forth in the footsteps of the flock, and pasture thy kids by the huts of the shepherds. . . . 9 To a mare of mine, in the chariots of Pharaoh, have I likened thee, my fair one! 10 Comely are thy cheeks, with bead–rows, thy neck, with strings of gems. 11 [THEY] Rows of golden ornaments, will we make thee, with studs of silver.
12 [SHE] By the time the king is in his circle, my nard, will have given out its fragrance: 13 A bag of myrrh, is my beloved to me, between my breasts, shall it tarry the night! 14 A cluster of henna, is my beloved to me, in the vineyards of En–gedi. 15 [HE] Lo! thou art beautiful my fair one, lo! thou art beautiful, Thine eyes, [are] doves! 16 [SHE] Lo! thou art beautiful, my beloved, Yea delightful! [BOTH] Yea! our couch, is covered with leaves: 17 The beams of our house, are cedars, Our fretted ceiling, is cypress–trees.