Song of Songs

  1 H7892 The Song H7892 of songs, H8010 which is Solomon's.
  2 H5401 Let him kiss H5390 me with the kisses H6310 of his mouth; H1730 for your love H2896 is better H3196 than wine.
  3 H8081 Your oils H2896 have a pleasing H7381 fragrance. H8034 Your name H8081 is oil H7324 poured forth, H5959 therefore the virgins H157 love you.
  4 H4900 Take H310 me away with H7323 you. Let us hurry. H4428 The king H935 has brought H2315 me into his rooms.
H1523 Friends
We will be glad
H8055 and rejoice H2142 in you. We will praise H1730 your love H3196 more than wine! H4339
They are right
H157 to love you.
  5 H7838 I am dark, H5000 but lovely, H1323 you daughters H3389 of Jerusalem, H6938 like Kedar's H168 tents, H8010 like Solomon's H3407 curtains.
  6 H7200 Don't stare H7840 at me because I am dark, H8121 because the sun H7805 has scorched H517 me. My mother's H1121 sons H2787 were angry H7760 with me. They made H5201 me keeper H3754 of the vineyards. H5201 I haven't kept H3754 my own vineyard.
  7 H5046 Tell H5315 me, you whom my soul H157 loves, H349 where H7462 you graze H349 your flock, where H7257 you rest H6672 them at noon; H4100 For H5739 why should I be as one who is veiled beside the flocks H2270 of your companions?
  8 H3045 If you don't know, H3303 most beautiful H802 among women, H3318 follow H6119 the tracks H6629 of the sheep. H7462 Graze H1429 your young goats H7462 beside the shepherds' H4908 tents.
  9 H1819 I have compared H7474 you, my love, H5484 to a steed H6547 in Pharaoh's H7393 chariots.
  10 H3895 Your cheeks H4998 are beautiful H8447 with earrings, H6677 your neck H2737 with strings of jewels.
  11 H6213 We will make H8447 you earrings H2091 of gold, H5351 with studs H3701 of silver.
  12 H4428 While the king H4524 sat at his table, H5373 my perfume H5414 spread H7381 its fragrance.
  13 H1730 My beloved H6872 is to me a sachet H4753 of myrrh, H3885 that lies H7699 between my breasts.
  14 H1730 My beloved H811 is to me a cluster H3724 of henna blossoms H3754 from the vineyards H5872 of En Gedi.
  15 H3303 Behold, you are beautiful, H7474 my love. H3303 Behold, you are beautiful. H5869 Your eyes H3123 are doves.
  16 H3303 Behold, you are beautiful, H1730 my beloved, H5273 yes, pleasant; H6210 and our couch H7488 is verdant.
  17 H6982 The beams H1004 of our house H730 are cedars. H7351 Our rafters H1266 are firs.