Tyndale(i) 1 And the Lorde called Moses, And spake vnto him oute off the tabernacle of witnesse sayenge. 2 Speake vnto the childern of Israel, and saye vnto them. Who soeuer of you shall bringe a gifte vnto the Lorde, shall bringe it of the catell: euen of the oxen and of the shepe. 3 Yf he brynge a burntoffrynge of the oxen he shall offre a male without blimesh, and shal brynge him to the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, that he maye be accepted before the Lorde. 4 And let him put his hande apon the heed of the burntsacrifice, and fauoure shalbe geuen him to make an attonemet for hym, 5 ad let him kyll the oxe before the Lorde. And let the preastes Aarons sonnes brynge the bloude and let them sprinckell it rounde aboute apon the alter that is before the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, 6 And let the burntoffrynges be strypped and hewed in peces. 7 And the let the sonnes of Aaron the preast put fire apo the alter and put wodd apon the fire, 8 and let them laye the peces with the heed and the fatte, apon the wod that is on the fire in the alter. 9 But the inwardes ad the legges they shall wash in water, and the preast shall burne altogither apon the alter, that it be a burntsacrifice, and an offerynge of a swete odoure vnto the Lorde. 10 Yf he will offer a burntsacrifice of the shepe whether it be of the lambes or of the gootes: he shall offer a male without blimesh. 11 And let him kyll it on the north syde of the alter, before the Lorde. And let the preastes Aarons sonnes sprinkle the bloude of it, rounde aboute apon the alter. 12 And let it be cut in peces: euen with his heed and his fatte, and let the preast putte them apon the wodd that lyeth apon the fire in the alter. 13 But let him wash the inwardes and the legges with water, and than bringe altogether and burne it apon the alter: that is a burntoffrynge and a sacrifice of swete sauoure vnto the Lorde. 14 Yf he will offer a burntoffrynge of the foules he shall offer eyther of the turtyll doues or of the ionge pigeons. 15 And the preast shall brynge it vnto the alter, and wrynge the necke a sundre of it, and burne it on the alter, and let the bloude runne out apon the sydes of the alter, 16 ad plucke awaye his croppe ad his fethers, ad cast the besyde the alter on the east parte vppo the hepe of asshes, 17 ad breke his winges but plucke the not a sundre. And the let the preast burne it vpo the alter, eue apo the wodd that lyeth apo the fire, a burntsacrifice ad an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto the Lorde.