Wycliffe(i) 1 FORSOTHE the Lord clepide Moyses, and spak to him fro the tabernacle of witnessyng, `and seide, 2 Speke thou to the sones of Israel, and thou schalt seie to hem, A man of you, that offrith to the Lord a sacrifice of beestis, that is, of oxun and of scheep, and offrith slayn sacrifices, if his offryng is brent sacrifice, 3 and of the droue of oxun, he schal offre a male beeste without wem at the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng, to make the Lord plesid to hym. 4 And he schal sette hondis on the heed of the sacrifice, and it schal be acceptable, and profityng in to clensyng of hym. 5 And he schal offre a calf bifor the Lord, and the sones of Aaron, preestis, schulen offre the blood ther of, and thei schulen schede bi the cumpas of the auter, which is bifor the dore of the tabernacle. 6 And whanne the skyn of the sacrifice is drawun awei, thei schulen kitte the membris in to gobetis; 7 and thei schulen put vndur in the auter fier, and thei schulen make an heep of wode bifore; and thei schulen ordeyne aboue 8 `the trees tho thingis that ben kit, that is, the heed, and alle thingis that cleuen to the mawe, 9 whanne the entrailis and feet ben waischid with watir; and the preest schal brenne tho on the auter, in to brent sacrifice, and swete odour to the Lord. 10 That if the offryng is of litle beestis, a brent sacrifice of scheep, ethir of geet, he schal offre a male beeste with out wem, 11 and he schal offre at the side of the auter that biholdith to the north, bifore the Lord. Sotheli the sones of Aaron schulen schede the blood therof on the auter `bi cumpas, 12 and thei schulen departe the membris, the heed, and alle thingis that cleuen to the mawe, and thei schulen putte on the trees, vndur whiche the fier schal be set; 13 sotheli thei schulen waische in watir the entrailis and feet; and the preest schal brenne alle thingis offrid on the auter, in to brent sacrifice, and swettest odour to the Lord. 14 Forsothe if the offryng of brent sacrifice to the Lord is of briddis, of turtlis, and of culuer briddis, 15 the preest schal offre it at the auter; and whanne the heed is writhun to the necke, and the place of the wounde is brokun, he schal make the blood renne doun on the brenke of the auter. 16 Sotheli he schal caste forth the litil bladdir of the throte, and fetheris bisidis the auter, at the eest coost, in the place in which the aischis ben wont to be sched out; 17 and he schal breke the wyngis therof, and he schal not kerue, nether he schal departe it with yrun; and he schal brenne it on the auter, whanne fier is set vndur the trees; it is a brent sacrifice, and an offryng of swete odour to the Lord.