Ecclesiastes 4:8

  8 H3426 There is H259 one alone, H9002 and H369 there is not H8145 a second; H1571 yea, H9033 he H9005 hath H369 no H1121 child H9002 or H251 brother: H9002 yet is there H369 no H7093 end H9005 of H3605 all H9023 his H5999 labour; H1571 also H9023 his H5869 eye H7646 0 is H3808 not H7646 [H8799] satisfied H6239 with riches; H9002 and saith he, H9005 For H4310 whom H589 do I H6001 labour, H6001 and H2637 [H8764] bereave H9020 my H5315 breath H9006 of H2896 good? H2088 This is H1571 also H1892 vanity, H9002 and, H1931 it is H7451 a grievous H6045 labour.