Romans 9:21-23

  21 G2228   G2192 [G5719] Hath G3756 not G2763 the potter G1849 authority G4081 over the clay, G1537 of G846 the same G5445 lump G3739 G3303 to G4160 [G5658] make G4632 one vessel G1519 to G5092 honour, G1161 and G3739 another G1519 to G819 dishonour?
  22 G1487 G1161 What if G2316 God, G2309 [G5723] willing G1731 [G5670] to show G3709 his wrath, G2532 and G1107 0 to make G846 his G1415 power G1107 [G5658] known, G5342 [G5656] endured G1722 with G4183 much G3115 longsuffering G4632 the vessels G3709 of wrath G2675 [G5772] prepared G1519 to G684 loss:
  23 G2532 And G2443 that G1107 [G5661] he might make known G4149 the riches G846 of his G1391 glory G1909 on G4632 the vessels G1656 of mercy, G3739 which G4282 [G5656] he had before prepared G1519 for G1391 glory,