H5237 נכרי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H5235 (second form); strange, in a variety of degrees and applications (foreign, non-relative, adulterous, different, wonderful)

KJV Usage: alien, foreigner, outlandish, strange (-r, woman).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. foreign, alien
a. foreign
b. foreigner (subst)
c. foreign woman, harlot
d. unknown, unfamiliar (fig.)
Origin: from H5235 (second form)
TWOT: 1368c
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) foreign, alien
1a) foreign
1b) foreigner (subst)
1c) foreign woman, harlot
1d) unknown, unfamiliar (fig.)

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First 30 of 45 occurrences of H5237 נכרי

Genesis 31:15 by him foreigners?
Exodus 2:22 in a foreign
Exodus 18:3 in a foreign
Exodus 21:8 her to a foreign
Deuteronomy 14:21 it to a foreigner:
Deuteronomy 15:3 Of a foreigner
Deuteronomy 17:15 a foreign
Deuteronomy 23:20 To a foreigner
Deuteronomy 29:22 you, and the foreigner
Judges 19:12 of a foreigner,
Ruth 2:10 of me, seeing I am a foreigner?
2 Samuel 15:19 for thou art a foreigner,
1 Kings 8:41 Moreover concerning a foreigner,
1 Kings 8:43 according to all that the foreigner
1 Kings 11:1 foreign
1 Kings 11:8 he for all his foreign
2 Chronicles 6:32 Moreover concerning the foreigner,
2 Chronicles 6:33 according to all that the foreigner
Ezra 10:2 foreign
Ezra 10:10 foreign
Ezra 10:11 and from the foreign
Ezra 10:14 foreign
Ezra 10:17 foreign
Ezra 10:18 foreign
Ezra 10:44 foreign
Nehemiah 13:26 did foreign
Nehemiah 13:27 foreign
Job 19:15 I am a foreigner
Psalms 69:8 and a foreigner
Proverbs 2:16 even from the adulteress

Distinct usage

8 foreign
2 in a foreign
2 according to all that the foreigner
1 he for all his foreign
1 and from the foreign
1 did foreign
1 even from the adulteress
1 of an adulteress woman.
1 of him for an adulteress.
1 of him for adulteress.
1 of foreigners.
1 and foreigners
1 and an adulteress
1 by him foreigners?
1 a foreign
1 of a foreign
1 for thou art a foreigner,
1 of a foreigner;
1 Moreover concerning a foreigner,
1 Moreover concerning the foreigner,
1 it to a foreigner:
1 to foreigners.
1 you, and the foreigner
1 of a foreigner,
1 and a foreigner
1 with foreign
1 a foreigner,
1 from the foreigner
1 of a foreigner?
1 of it, but an unknown
1 of me, seeing I am a foreigner?
1 Of a foreigner
1 To a foreigner
1 I am a foreigner
1 her to a foreign
1 his foreign

Corresponding Greek Words

nokhri G3581 xenos *
nokhri (c. neg.) G2398 idios *

Related words


H8453 תּשׁב תּושׁב tôshâb tôshâb
תּשׁב תּושׁב
tôshâb tôshâb
to-shawb', to-shawb'
(The second form used in Kings Numbers 17:1); from H3427; a dweller (but not outlandish, H5237); especially (as distinguished from a native citizen (active participle of H3427) and a temporary inmate, H1616, or mere lodger, H3885) resident alien

KJV Usage: foreigner-inhabitant, sojourner, stranger.

H5235 נכר נכר neker nôker

נכר נכר
neker nôker
neh'-ker, no'-ker
From H5234; something strange, that is, unexpected calamity

KJV Usage: strange.