Jeremiah 9:10

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  10 H5921 על For H2022 ההרים the mountains H5375 אשׂא will I take up H1065 בכי a weeping H5092 ונהי and wailing, H5921 ועל and for H4999 נאות the habitations H4057 מדבר of the wilderness H7015 קינה a lamentation, H3588 כי because H3341 נצתו they are burned up, H1097 מבלי   H376 אישׁ   H5674 עבר can pass through H3808 ולא neither H8085 שׁמעו can hear H6963 קול the voice H4735 מקנה of the cattle; H5775 מעוף both the fowl H8064 השׁמים of the heavens H5704 ועד   H929 בהמה and the beast H5074 נדדו are fled; H1980 הלכו׃ they are gone.