Psalms 102

Wycliffe(i) 1 The title of `hundred and secounde salm. `Of Dauid. Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; and alle thingis that ben with ynne me, blesse his hooli name. 2 Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; and nyle thou foryete alle the yeldyngis of him. 3 Which doith merci to alle thi wickidnessis; which heelith alle thi sijknessis. 4 Which ayenbieth thi lijf fro deth; which corowneth thee in merci and merciful doyngis. 5 Which fillith thi desijr in goodis; thi yongthe schal be renulid as the yongthe of an egle. 6 The Lord doynge mercies; and doom to alle men suffringe wrong. 7 He made hise weies knowun to Moises; hise willis to the sones of Israel. 8 The Lord is merciful doer, and merciful in wille; longe abidinge, and myche merciful. 9 He schal not be wrooth with outen ende; and he schal not thretne with outen ende. 10 He dide not to vs aftir oure synnes; nether he yeldide to vs aftir oure wickidnessis. 11 For bi the hiynesse of heuene fro erthe; he made strong his merci on men dredynge hym. 12 As myche as the eest is fer fro the west; he made fer oure wickidnessis fro vs. 13 As a fadir hath merci on sones, the Lord hadde merci on men dredynge him; 14 for he knewe oure makyng. 15 He bithouyte that we ben dust, a man is as hey; his dai schal flowre out so as a flour of the feeld. 16 For the spirit schal passe in hym, and schal not abide; and schal no more knowe his place. 17 But the merci of the Lord is fro with out bigynnyng, and til in to with outen ende; on men dredinge hym. And his riytfulnesse is in to the sones of sones; 18 to hem that kepen his testament. And ben myndeful of hise comaundementis; to do tho. 19 The Lord hath maad redi his seete in heuene; and his rewme schal be lord of alle. 20 Aungels of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; ye myyti in vertu, doynge his word, to here the vois of hise wordis. 21 Alle vertues of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord; ye mynystris of hym that doen his wille. 22 Alle werkis of the Lord, blesse ye the Lord, in ech place of his lordschipe; my soule, blesse thou the Lord.