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Mark 12:14 (Webster_Strongs)
  14 G1161 And G2064 [G5631] when they had come G3004 [G5719] , they say G846 to him G1320 , Master G1492 [G5758] , we know G3754 that G1488 [G5748] thou art G227 true G2532 G4671 , and G3756 G3199 [G5719] carest G4012 for G3762 no man G1063 : for G991 [G5719] thou regardest G3756 not G1519 G4383 the person G444 of men G235 , but G1321 [G5719] teachest G3598 the way G2316 of God G1909 in G225 truth G1832 [G5748] : Is it lawful G1325 [G5629] to give G2778 tribute G2541 to Caesar G2228 , or G3756 not?