G5101 τίς - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
who? which?
who, which, what
who, which, what, why.
an interrogative pronoun, who, which or what (in direct or indirect questions)
Derivation: probably emphatic of G5100;

KJV Usage: every man, how (much), + no(-ne, thing), what (manner, thing), where (-by, -fore, -of, -unto, - with, -withal), whether, which, who(-m, -se), why.

τίς, neut., τί, genitive, τίνος, interrog. pron., [in LXX for מָה ,מִי ;] in masc. and fem.,
who, which, what?; in neut., which, what?, used both in direct and in indirect questions.
__I. I. As subst.,
__1. 1. masc., fem.: τίς; who, what?,
Refs Mat.3:7 26:68; Mrk.11:28, Luk.9:9, al.
mult.; with genitive partit.,
Refs Act.7:52, Heb.1:5
, al; before ἐκ (= genitive partit.),
Refs Mat.6:27, Luk.14:28, Jhn.8:46
; = ποῖος,
Refs Mrk.4:41 6:2, Luk.19:3, Act.17:19, al.
; = πότερος (M, Pr., 77),
Refs Mat.21:31 27:17, Luk.22:27, al.
; = ὅς or ὅστις (rare in cl.; cf. Bl., §50, 5; M, Pr., 93), Act.13:25.
__2. Neut.: τί; what?,
Refs Mat.5:47 11:7, Mrk.10:3, al.
; χάριν τίνος, 1Jn.3:12; διὰ τί, Mat.9:11, al.; εἰς τί, Mat.14:31, al.; elliptically, ἵνα τί (sc. γένηται), why, Mat.9:5, al.; τί οὖν,
Refs Rom.3:9 6:1, 15 1Co.14:15, al.
; τί γάρ, Rom.3:3, Phi 1:18; τί ἐμοὶ (ὑμῖν) καὶ σοί, see: ἔγω.
__II. As adj.: who? what? which?,
Refs Mat.5:46, Luk.14:31, Jhn.2:18, al.

__III. As adv.: = διὰ τι (τί ὅτι), why,
Refs Mat.6:28, Mrk.4:40, Luk.6:46, Jhn.18:23, al.
; in rhet. questions, = a negation,
Refs Mat.27:4, Jhn.21:22, 23 1Co.5:12 7:16, al.
in exclamations (like Heb. מָה), how (2Ki.6:20,
Refs Psa.3:2, al.), Luk.12:49
1) who, which, what

Probably emphatic of G5100; an interrogitive pronoun, who, which or what (in direct or indirect questions)

KJV Usage: every man, how (much), + no (-ne, thing), what (manner, thing), where ([-by, -fore, -of, -unto, -with, -withal]), whether, which, who (-m, -se), why.

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First 30 of 536 occurrences of G5101 τίς

Matthew 3:7 who
Matthew 5:13 what means
Matthew 5:46 what
Matthew 5:47 what
Matthew 6:3 what
Matthew 6:25 what
Matthew 6:25 what
Matthew 6:25 what
Matthew 6:27 Which
Matthew 6:28 why
Matthew 6:31 What
Matthew 6:31 What
Matthew 6:31 With what
Matthew 7:3 why
Matthew 7:9 what
Matthew 8:26 Why
Matthew 8:29 What
Matthew 9:5 which
Matthew 9:13 what
Matthew 10:11 who
Matthew 10:19 what
Matthew 10:19 what
Matthew 11:7 What
Matthew 11:8 what
Matthew 11:9 what
Matthew 11:16 to what
Matthew 12:3 what
Matthew 12:7 what
Matthew 12:11 What
Matthew 12:27 whom

Distinct usage

233 what
98 who
53 why
21 What
17 Why
14 Which
13 whom
11 How
10 Who
7 Which
7 whose
4 To what
4 nothing
3 to whom
3 to what
2 How
2 Whose
2 every man
2 what thing
2 Whom
2 what means
2 for what
2 it, Why
2 what
1 With what
1 What manner of man
1 thou, Who
1 that is a father,
1 something that
1 him. What
1 what things
1 intent
1 as to what
1 with whom
1 him, What
1 one thing;
1 to which
1 and why
1 how much
1 who
1 why,
1 what purpose
1 what,
1 and how

Corresponding Hebrew Words

tis H349 ekh
tis H639 aph
tis H834 asher
tis H834 asher
tis * H1116 bammah
tis H2009 hinneh c. suff.
tis H2088 zeh
tis * H3642 kammah
tis H4069 maddua
tis * H4100 lamah
tis * H4100 mahem
tis H4100 mah
tis H4100 meh
tis H4310 mi
tis H5704 ad an
tis H6030 anah

Related words

G5101 τίς

G1302 διατί
From G1223 and G5101; through what cause?, that is, why?

KJV Usage: wherefore, why.

G2444 ἱνατί
From G2443 and G5101; for what reason?, that is, why?

KJV Usage: wherefore, why.

G5100 τίς

An enclitic indefinite pronoun; some or any person or object

KJV Usage: a (kind of), any (man, thing, thing at all), certain (thing), divers, he (every) man, one (X thing), ought, + partly, some (man, -body, -thing, -what), (+ that no-) thing, what (-soever), X wherewith, whom [-soever], whose ([-soever]).

G1509 εἰ μή τι
εἰ μή τι
ei mē ti
i may tee
From G1508 and the neuter of G5100; if not somewhat

KJV Usage: except.

G1536 εἴ τις
εἴ τις
ei tis
i tis
From G1487 and G5100; if any

KJV Usage: he that, if a (-ny) man (‘s thing, from any, ought), whether any, whosoever.

G2530 καθότι
From G2596 and G3739 and G5100; according to which certain thing, that is, as far (or inasmuch) as

KJV Usage: (according, forasmuch) as, because (that).

G3385 μήτι
From G3361 and the neuter of G5100; whether at all

KJV Usage: not [the particle usually not expressed, except by the form of the question].

G3387 μήτις, μή τις
μήτις, μή τις
mētis mē tis
may'-tis, may tis
From G3361 and G5100; whether any

KJV Usage: any [sometimes unexpressed except by the simple interrogative form of the sentence].

G3748 ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ,τι
ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ,τι
hostis hētis ho , ti
hos'-tis, hay'-tis, hot'-ee
From G3739 and G5100; which some, that is, any that; also (definitely) which same

KJV Usage: X and (they), (such) as, (they) that, in that they, what (-soever), whereas ye, (they) which, who (-soever).

Compare G3754.