ECB(i) 1
How she settles solitary - the city abounding with people - become as a widow! This great among the goyim and governess among the jurisdictions - becomes a vassal! 2 In weeping, she weeps in the night - her tears on her cheeks; of all her lovers, none sigh over her; all her friends deal treacherously with her - become her enemies. 3 Yah Hudah is exiled because of humiliation and because of abundant servitude; she settles among the goyim, she finds no rest; all her pursuers overtake her between the straits. 4 The ways of Siyon mourn; no one comes to the congregation festivals; all her portals are desolate; her priests sigh; her virgins grieve; she is embittered. 5 Her tribulators become her heads; her enemies serenify; for Yah Veh grieves her for the abundance of her rebellions; her infants are captured at the face of the tribulator: 6 all majesty departs from the daughter of Siyon; her governors become as harts finding no pasture - gone without force from the face of the pursuer. 7 Yeru Shalem remembers the days of her humiliation and of her persecutions; all her desires from the days of antiquity - when her people fell into the hand of the tribulator and she had no helper: the tribulators saw her and ridiculed her shabbathisms. 8 In sinning, Yeru Shalem sinned; so she is removed; all who honored her, disesteem her; because they see her nakedness: yes, she sighs and turns backward. 9 Her foulness is in her hems; she remembers not her finality: she descends marvellously; she has no one to sigh. O Yah Veh, see my humiliation; for the enemy greatens. 10 The tribulator spreads his hand on all her desires; for she sees the goyim enter her holies, whom you commanded to not enter your congregation. 11 All her people sigh; they seek bread; they gave their desires for food to relieve the soul: see, O Yah Veh, and look; for I am a glutton. 12 Is it naught to you, all you who pass by the way? Look and see if there be any sorrow like to the sorrow exploited to me - wherewith Yah Veh afflicted me in the day of his fuming wrath. 13 From above the heights he sends fire into my bones to subjugate; he spreads a net for my feet; he turns me back; he gives me desolation and bleeding all the day: 14 the yoke of my rebellions is bound by his hand - entwined and ascend on my neck; he falters my force; Adonay gives me into their hands; I am not able to rise. 15 Adonay tramples all my mighty in my midst; he calls a congregation against me to break my young men; as in a winepress Adonay treads the virgin daughter of Yah Hudah. 16 I weep for these; my eye - my eye cascades with water, because the sigher to restore my soul is far from me; my sons desolate, for the enemy prevails mightily. 17 Siyon spreads her hands and there is no one to sigh over her; Yah Veh commands concerning Yaaqov, that his tribulators surround him; Yeru Shalem is excluded among them. 18 Yah Veh is just; for I rebelled against his mouth; hear, I pray you, all people and see my sorrow; my virgins and my young men - gone into captivity. 19 I call for my beloveds; they - they deceive me; my priests and my elders expire in the city while they seek food to restore their souls. 20 See, O Yah Veh, for I tribulate; my inwards foam; my heart turns within me; in rebelling, I rebelled: outwardly the sword bereaves; as death in the house: 21 they hear that I sigh; no one sighs over me: all my enemies hear of my evil; they rejoice that you worked it; you brought in the day that you called; they are like me. 22 All their evil comes at your face; exploit them as you exploit me for all my rebellions; for my sighs are many and my heart bleeds.