1 Chronicles 5

  1 H1121 Now the sons H7205 of Reuben H1060 the firstborn H3478 of Israel H1060 , (for he was the firstborn H2490 ; but, forasmuch as he defiled [H8763]   H1 his father's H3326 bed H1062 , his birthright H5414 was given [H8738]   H1121 unto the sons H3130 of Joseph H1121 the son H3478 of Israel H3187 : and the genealogy is not to be reckoned [H8692]   H1062 after the birthright.
  2 H3063 For Judah H1396 prevailed [H8804]   H251 above his brethren H5057 , and of him came the chief ruler H1062 ; but the birthright H3130 was Joseph's:)
  3 H1121 The sons H7205 , I say, of Reuben H1060 the firstborn H3478 of Israel H2585 were, Hanoch H6396 , and Pallu H2696 , Hezron H3756 , and Carmi.
  4 H1121 The sons H3100 of Joel H8098 ; Shemaiah H1121 his son H1463 , Gog H1121 his son H8096 , Shimei H1121 his son,
  5 H4318 Micah H1121 his son H7211 , Reaia H1121 his son H1168 , Baal H1121 his son,
  6 H880 Beerah H1121 his son H8407 , whom Tilgathpilneser H4428 king H804 of Assyria H1540 carried away [H8689]   H5387 captive : he was prince H7206 of the Reubenites.
  7 H251 And his brethren H4940 by their families H3187 , when the genealogy H8435 of their generations H3187 was reckoned [H8692]   H7218 , were the chief H3273 , Jeiel H2148 , and Zechariah,
  8 H1106 And Bela H1121 the son H5811 of Azaz H1121 , the son H8087 of Shema H1121 , the son H3100 of Joel H3427 , who dwelt [H8802]   H6177 in Aroer H5015 , even unto Nebo H1186 and Baalmeon:
  9 H4217 And eastward H3427 he inhabited [H8804]   H935 unto the entering [H8800]   H4057 in of the wilderness H5104 from the river H6578 Euphrates H4735 : because their cattle H7235 were multiplied [H8804]   H776 in the land H1568 of Gilead.
  10 H3117 And in the days H7586 of Saul H6213 they made [H8804]   H4421 war H1905 with the Hagarites H5307 , who fell [H8799]   H3027 by their hand H3427 : and they dwelt [H8799]   H168 in their tents H6440 throughout H4217 all the east H1568 land of Gilead.
  11 H1121 And the children H1410 of Gad H3427 dwelt [H8804]   H776 over against them, in the land H1316 of Bashan H5548 unto Salchah:
  12 H3100 Joel H7218 the chief H8223 , and Shapham H4932 the next H3285 , and Jaanai H8202 , and Shaphat H1316 in Bashan.
  13 H251 And their brethren H1004 of the house H1 of their fathers H4317 were, Michael H4918 , and Meshullam H7652 , and Sheba H3140 , and Jorai H3275 , and Jachan H2127 , and Zia H5677 , and Heber H7651 , seven.
  14 H1121 These are the children H32 of Abihail H1121 the son H2359 of Huri H1121 , the son H3386 of Jaroah H1121 , the son H1568 of Gilead H1121 , the son H4317 of Michael H1121 , the son H3454 of Jeshishai H1121 , the son H3163 of Jahdo H1121 , the son H938 of Buz;
  15 H277 Ahi H1121 the son H5661 of Abdiel H1121 , the son H1476 of Guni H7218 , chief H1004 of the house H1 of their fathers.
  16 H3427 And they dwelt [H8799]   H1568 in Gilead H1316 in Bashan H1323 , and in her towns H4054 , and in all the suburbs H8289 of Sharon H8444 , upon their borders.
  17 H3187 All these were reckoned by genealogies [H8694]   H3117 in the days H3147 of Jotham H4428 king H3063 of Judah H3117 , and in the days H3379 of Jeroboam H4428 king H3478 of Israel.
  18 H1121 The sons H7205 of Reuben H1425 , and the Gadites H2677 , and half H7626 the tribe H4519 of Manasseh H2428 , of valiant men H582 , men H5375 able to bear [H8802]   H4043 buckler H2719 and sword H1869 , and to shoot [H8802]   H7198 with bow H3925 , and skilful [H8803]   H4421 in war H702 , were four H705 and forty H505 thousand H7651 seven H3967 hundred H8346 and threescore H3318 , that went out [H8802]   H6635 to the war.
  19 H6213 And they made [H8799]   H4421 war H1905 with the Hagarites H3195 , with Jetur H5305 , and Nephish H5114 , and Nodab.
  20 H5826 And they were helped [H8735]   H1905 against them, and the Hagarites H5414 were delivered [H8735]   H3027 into their hand H2199 , and all that were with them: for they cried [H8804]   H430 to God H4421 in the battle H6279 , and he was intreated [H8736]   H982 of them; because they put their trust [H8804]   in him.
  21 H7617 And they took away [H8799]   H4735 their cattle H1581 ; of their camels H2572 fifty H505 thousand H6629 , and of sheep H3967 two hundred H2572 and fifty H505 thousand H2543 , and of asses H505 two thousand H120 , and of men H5315   H3967 an hundred H505 thousand.
  22 H5307 For there fell [H8804]   H7227 down many H2491 slain H4421 , because the war H430 was of God H3427 . And they dwelt [H8799]   H1473 in their steads until the captivity.
  23 H1121 And the children H2677 of the half H7626 tribe H4519 of Manasseh H3427 dwelt [H8804]   H776 in the land H7235 : they increased [H8804]   H1316 from Bashan H1179 unto Baalhermon H8149 and Senir H2022 , and unto mount H2768 Hermon.
  24 H7218 And these were the heads H1004 of the house H1 of their fathers H6081 , even Epher H3469 , and Ishi H447 , and Eliel H5837 , and Azriel H3414 , and Jeremiah H1938 , and Hodaviah H3164 , and Jahdiel H1368 , mighty H582 men H2428 of valour H8034 , famous H582 men H7218 , and heads H1004 of the house H1 of their fathers.
  25 H4603 And they transgressed [H8799]   H430 against the God H1 of their fathers H2181 , and went a whoring [H8799]   H310 after H430 the gods H5971 of the people H776 of the land H430 , whom God H8045 destroyed [H8689]   H6440 before them.
  26 H430 And the God H3478 of Israel H5782 stirred up [H8686]   H7307 the spirit H6322 of Pul H4428 king H804 of Assyria H7307 , and the spirit H8407 of Tilgathpilneser H4428 king H804 of Assyria H1540 , and he carried them away [H8686]   H7206 , even the Reubenites H1425 , and the Gadites H2677 , and the half H7626 tribe H4519 of Manasseh H935 , and brought [H8686]   H2477 them unto Halah H2249 , and Habor H2024 , and Hara H5104 , and to the river H1470 Gozan H3117 , unto this day.