Psalms 103

Matthew(i) 1 Of Dauid. Prayse the Lorde O my soule: & all that is within me prayse hys holy name. 2 Prayse the Lord O my soule & forget not all his benefites. 3 Whych forgeueth all thy synnes, & healeth all thyne infirmities. 4 Which saueth thy lyfe from destruccion, and crouneth the with mercy, and louynge kyndnesse. 5 Whiche satisfeth thy desyre wyth good thynges, makyng the yonge and lusty as an Aegle. 6 The Lorde executeth righteousnesse and iudgement, for all theim that suffre wronge. 7 He shewed his wayes vnto Moses, & his workes vnto the chyldren of Israel. 8 The Lord is ful of compassion and mercy, long sufferyng, & of great goodnesse. 9 He will not alwaye be chydynge, neither will he kepe his anger for euer. 10 He hath not dealt with vs after oure sinnes, nor rewarded vs according to our wickednesse. 11 For loke how hye the heauen is in comparison of the earth, so greate is his mercy also towarde them that feare hym. 12 Loke how wyde the East is from the West, so farre hath he set oure sinnes from vs. 13 Yea, like as a father pitieth his owne children, euen so is the Lord mercifull vnto them that feare hym. 14 For he knoweth whereof we be made, he remembreth that we are but dust. 15 That a man in hys time is but as grasse, and florisheth as a floure of the felde. 16 For as sone, as the wynde goeth ouer it, it is gone, and the place thereof knoweth it no more. 17 But the mercyfull goodnesse of the Lorde endureth for euer and euer, vpon them that feare him, and his righteousnesse vpon their chyldren. 18 Suche as kepe hys couenaunte, & thynke vpon hys commaundementes to do them. 19 The Lorde hath prepared his seate in heauen, and his kingedome ruleth ouer all. 20 O prayse the Lorde ye aungels of his, ye that be myghty in strength fulfyllynge hys commaundement that men may here the voice of hys wordes. 21 O prayse the Lorde all ye his Hostes, yea seruauntes of his, that do hys pleasure. 22 O speake good of the Lorde al ye workes of his, in euery place of his dominion: praise thou the Lorde, O my soule.