Deuteronomy 5

Tyndale(i) 1 And Moses called vnto all Israell and sayed vnto them: Heare Israel the ordynaunces and lawes which I speke in thyne eares this daye, and lerne them and take hede that ye doo them. 2 The Loode oure God made an appoyntment with us in Horeb. 3 The Lorde made not this bonde with oure fathers, but with us: we are they, which are al heare a lyue this daye. 4 The Lord talked with you face to face in the mout out of the fyre. 5 And I stode betwene the Lorde and you the same tyme, to shewe you the sayenge of the Lorde. For ye were afrayed of the fyre and therfore went not vpp in to the mount and he sayed. 6 I am the Lorde thy God which brought the out of the lode of Egipte the housse of bodage. 7 Thou shalt haue therfore none other goddes in my presence. 8 Thou shalt make the no grauen Image off any maner lykenesse that is in heauen aboue, or in the erth beneth, or in the water beneth the erth. 9 Thou shalt nether bowe thy self vnto them nor serue them, for I the Lorde thy God, am a gelouse God, visettinge the wikednesse of the fathers vppon the childern, euen in the thyrde and the fourth generacion, amonge them that hate me: 10 and shew mercye apon thousandes amonge them that loue me and kepe my commaundmentes. 11 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lorde thy God in vayne: for the Lorde will not holde him giltlesse, that taketh his name in vayne. 12 Kepe the Sabbath daye that thou sanctifie it, as the Lorde thy God hath commaunded the. 13 Syxe dayes thou shalt laboure and doo all that thou hast to doo, 14 but the seuenth daye is the Sabbath of the Lorde thy God: thou shalt doo no maner worke, nether thou nor thy sonne nor thy doughter nor thy seruaunte nor thy mayde nor thine oxe nor thyne asse nor any of thi catell nor the straunger that is within thy cytye, that thy seruaunte and thy mayde maye rest as well as thou. 15 And remembre that thou wast a seruaunte in the londe of Egypte and how that the Lorde God, brought the out thence with a myghtye hande and a stretched out arme. For which cause the Lorde thy God commaundeth the to kepe the Sabbath daye. 16 Honoure thi father and thi mother, as the Lord thi God hath comauded the: that thou mayst prolonge thi dayes, and that it maye go well with the on the londe, which the Lorde thi God geueth the. 17 Thou shalt not slee. 18 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke. 19 Thou shalt not steale. 20 Thou shalt not beare false witnesse agenst thy neghboure, 21 Thou shalt not luste after thi neghbours wife: thou shat not couet thi neyghbours housse, felde, seruaunte, mayde, oxe, asse nor ought that is thi neghbours. 22 These wordes the Lorde spake vnto al youre multitude in the mount out of the fyre, cloude and darcknesse, with a loude voyce and added nomoare there to, and wrote them in .ij. tables of stone and delyuered them vnto me. 23 But as soone as ye herde the voyce out off the darcknesse and sawe the hill burne with fyre, ye came vnto me all the heedes of youre tribes and youre elders: 24 and ye sayed: beholde, the Lorde oure God hath shewed us his glorye and his greatnesse, and we haue herde his voyce out of the fyre, and we haue sene this daye that God maye talke with a man and he yet lyue. 25 And now wherfore shulde we dye that this greate fyre shulde consume us: Yf we shulde heare the voyce of the Lorde oure God any moare, we shulde dye. 26 For what is any flesh that he shulde heare the voyce of the lyuynge God speakynge out of the fyre as we haue done and shulde yet lyue: 27 Goo thou ad heare all that the Lorde oure God sayeth, and tell thou vnto us all that the Lorde oure God sayeth vnto the, and we will heare it and doo it. 28 And the Lorde herde the voyce of youre wordes when ye spake vnto me, and he sayed vnto me: I haue herde the voyce of the wordes of this people which they haue spoke vnto the they haue well sayed all that they haue sayed. 29 Oh that they had soche an herte with them to feare me ad kepe all my commaundmentes alwaye, that it myghte goo well with them and with their childern for euer. 30 Goo ad saye vnto them: gett you in to youre tentes agayne, 31 but stonde thou here before me and I will tell the all the commaundmentes, ordinaunces ad lawes which thou shalt teache the, that they may doo them in the londe whiche I geue them to possesse. 32 Take hede therfore that ye do as the Lorde youre God hath commaunded you, and turne not asyde: ether to the righte hande or to the lefte: 33 but walke in all the wayes which the Lorde youre God hath comaunded you, that ye maye lyve and that it maye goo well with you ad that ye maye prolonge youre dayes in the lond whiche ye shall possesse.