Deuteronomy 5

Great(i) 1 And Moses called all Israel, & sayed vnto them. Heare O Israel the ordinaunces & lawes which I speake in youre eares this daye, that ye maye lerne them, and fullfill them in ded 2 The Lorde oure God made an apoyntment with vs in Horeb. 3 The Lorde made not this bonde with oure fathers, but with vs: euen with vs, which are all here alyue thys daye. 4 The Lorde talked with you face to face in the mount, oute of the myddes of the fyrere. 5 And I stode betwene the Lorde and you the same tyme, and shewed you the worde of the Lorde. For ye were afrayed at the syght of the fyre, and went not vp into the mount, & he sayed 6 I am the Lorde thy God, which broughte the oute of the lande of Egypte from the house of bondage. 7 Thou shalt haue none other goddes in my presence. 8 Thou shalt make the no grauen ymage of any maner of lykenesse that is in heauen aboue and that is in erth beneth, and that is in the waters benethe the erth. 9 Thou shalt nether bowe thy selfe vnto them, nor serue them, for I the Lorde thy God, am a gelouse God, visytinge the wyckednesse of the fathers vpon the chyldren, euen in the thyrde & fourth generacyon, amonge them that hate me: 10 & shewe mercye vpon thousandes, amonge them that loue me, and kepe my commaundementes. 11 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vayne: for the Lorde wyll not holde him gyltlesse, that taketh his name in vayne. 12 Kepe the Sabboth daye, that thou sanctifye it, as the Lorde thy God hath commaunded th 13 Syxe dayes thou shalt laboure and do all that thou hast to do, 14 but the seuenth daye is the Sabboth of the Lorde thy God: thou shalt not do any worke, thou and thy sonne, thy daughter, thy seruaunte and thy mayde, thyne oxe and thyne asse, and all thy catell, and the straunger that is within thy gates, that thy seruaunte & thy mayde maye rest as well as thou. 15 Remembre, that thou wast a seruaunte in the lande of Egypt, and howe that the Lorde thy God brought the out thence thorowe a myghtye hande and a stretched out arme. For whyche cause the Lord thy God commaunded the, to kepe the Sabboth daye. 16 Honoure thy father and thy mother, as the Lorde thy God hath commaunded the: that thy dayes maye be prolonged, & that it maye go well with the in the lande, which the Lord thy God geueth the. 17 Thou shalt nol slaye. 18 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke. 19 Thou shalt not steale. 20 Thou shalt not beare false witnesse agaynst thy neyghboure. 21 Thou shalt not luste after thy neygboures wyfe: thou shalt not couet thy neyghbours house, hys felde, hys seruaunte, or hys mayde, hys oxe, hys asse, or ought that thy neyghboure hath. 22 These wordes the Lorde spake vnto all your multitude in the mount out of the myddes of the fyre, cloude and darcknesse, with a greate voyce, added nomore therto, and wrote them in two tables of stone, and delyuered them vnto me. 23 And it fortuned, that whan ye herde the voyce out of the myddes of the darcknesse, & sawe that the hill dyd burne with fyre, ye came vnto me with the captaynes of youre tribes and youre elders: 24 and ye sayde: beholde, the Lord oure God hath shewed vs his glorye and his greatnesse, & we haue herde his voyce out of the myddes of the fyre: we haue sene thys daye, that God doth talke wyth a man, and he yet lyueth. 25 Nowe therfore, why shulde we dye, that thys greate fyre shulde consume vs? If we heare the voyce of the Lord oure God any moare, we shal dye. 26 For what fleshe hath it bene, that euer hearde the voyce of the lyuynge God speakinge out of the myddes of the fyre (as we haue done) and yet dyd lyue? 27 Go thou and here all that the Lord oure God sayeth, and tell thou vnto vs all that the Lord oure God sayeth vnto the and we wyll heare it and do it. 28 And the Lorde hearde the voyce of youre wordes when ye spake vnto me, & the Lorde sayde vnto me: I haue herde the voyce of the wordes of thys people, which they haue spoken vnto the, they haue well sayed all that they haue spoken. 29 Oh that ther were such an hert in them that they wolde feare me, & kepe all my commaundementes alwaye, that it myghte go wel with them, and with theyr chyldren for euer. 30 Go and saye vnto them: gett you into youre tentes agayne, 31 but stande thou here by me, and I wyll tell the all the commaundementes, ordinaunces and lawes, which thou shalt teache them, that they maye do them in the lande which I geue them to possesse. 32 Take hede therfore, that ye do in dede as the Lorde youre God hath commaunded you, & turne not asyde: ether to the ryghte hande or to the lefte: 33 but walke in all the wayes which the Lorde youre God hath commaunded you, that ye maye lyue, and that it maye go well with you, and that ye maye prolonge youre dayes, in the lande which ye shall possesse.