Deuteronomy 5

ECB(i) 1
RESUME' OF STATUTES AND JUDGMENTS And Mosheh calls all Yisra El, and says to them, Hear, O Yisra El, the statutes and judgments I word in your ears this day - to learn them and guard and work them. 2 Yah Veh our Elohim cut a covenant with us in Horeb: 3 Yah Veh cut not this covenant with our fathers but with us - we here this day - all of us alive. 4 Yah Veh worded face to face with you in the mount from midst the fire, 5 I stood between Yah Veh and you at that time, to tell you the word of Yah Veh: for you awed at the face of the fire and ascended not into the mount; saying, 6 I - Yah Veh your Elohim, who brought you from the land of Misrayim, from the house of servants. 7 Have no other elohim in front of me. 8 Work not any sculptile or any manifestation of that in the heavens above, or that in the earth beneath, or in the waters beneath the earth: 9 neither prostrate to them, nor serve them: for I - Yah Veh your Elohim, am a jealous El, visiting the perversity of the fathers on the sons to the third and fourth of them who hate me, 10 and working mercy to thousands of them who love me and guard my misvoth. 11 Bear not the name of Yah Veh your Elohim in defamation: for Yah Veh exonerates him not who bears his name in defamation. 12 Guard the shabbath day to hallow it, as Yah Veh your Elohim misvahed you. 13 Six days you serve and work all your work: 14 but the seventh day is the shabbath of Yah Veh your Elohim: never work any work therein, - you, your son, your daughter, your servant, your maid, your ox, your he burro, your animals, your sojourner within your portals; that your servant and your maid rest as well as you. 15 And remember that you were a servant in the land of Misrayim and that Yah Veh your Elohim brought you from there by a strong hand and by a spread arm: so Yah Veh your Elohim misvahs you to guard the shabbath day. 16 Honor your father and your mother, as Yah Veh your Elohim misvahed you; that your days be prolonged and that it well-please you, in the soil Yah Veh your Elohim gives you. 17 Murder not. 18 Adulterize not. 19 Steal not. 20 Answer not a vain witness against your friend. 21 Neither desire the woman of your friend, nor desire the house of your friend - his field or his servant or his maid his ox or his he burro, or aught of your friend. 22 Yah Veh worded these words to all your congregation in the mount from midst the fire of the cloud and of the dripping darkness, with a great voice: and he added not. And he inscribed them in two slabs of stone and gave them to me. 23 And so be it, as you heard the voice from midst the darkness, for the mountain kindled with fire, that you approached me - all the heads of your scions and your elders; 24 and you said, Behold, Yah Veh our Elohim has us see his honor and his greatness and we hear his voice from midst the fire: we see this day that Elohim words with humanity and he lives. 25 And now, why die we? for this great fire consumes us: if we hear the voice of Yah Veh our Elohim again, we die. 26 For who is there of all flesh, who hears the voice of the living Elohim wording from midst the fire, as we, and lives? 27 Go near, and hear all Yah Veh our Elohim says: and you - you word to us all Yah Veh our Elohim words to you; and we hearken, and work it. 28 And Yah Veh heard the voice of your words you worded to me; and Yah Veh said to me, I hear the voice of the words of this people, which they word to you: they well-pleasingly say all they word. 29 O give that there were such a heart in them, that they awe me and guard all my misvoth all days, that it well-please them and their sons eternally! 30 Go say to them, Return to your tents. 31 But as for you, you stand here by me and I word to you all the misvoth and the statutes and the judgments to teach them - to work them in the land I give them to possess it. 32 Guard to work as Yah Veh your Elohim misvahs you: turn not aside to the right or to the left. 33 Walk in all the ways Yah Veh your Elohim misvahs you, that you live and that it be good with you and that you prolong your days in the land you possess.