Romans 8:20 Cross References - KJV_Strongs

  20 G1063 For G2937 the creature G5293 was made subject [G5648]   G3153 to vanity G3756 , not G1635 willingly G235 , but G1223 by reason G5293 of him who hath subjected [G5660]   G1909 the same in G1680 hope,

Genesis 3:17-19

  17 H121 And unto Adam H559 he said [H8804]   H8085 , Because thou hast hearkened [H8804]   H6963 unto the voice H802 of thy wife H398 , and hast eaten [H8799]   H6086 of the tree H834 , of which H6680 I commanded thee [H8765]   H559 , saying [H8800]   H398 , Thou shalt not eat [H8799]   H779 of it: cursed [H8803]   H127 is the ground H6093 for thy sake; in sorrow H398 shalt thou eat [H8799]   H3605 of it all H3117 the days H2416 of thy life;
  18 H6975 Thorns also H1863 and thistles H6779 shall it bring forth [H8686]   H398 to thee; and thou shalt eat [H8804]   H6212 the herb H7704 of the field;
  19 H2188 In the sweat H639 of thy face H398 shalt thou eat [H8799]   H3899 bread H5704 , till H7725 thou return [H8800]   H127 unto the ground H3947 ; for out of it wast thou taken [H8795]   H6083 : for dust H859 thou H6083 art, and unto dust H7725 shalt thou return [H8799]  .

Genesis 5:29

  29 H7121 And he called [H8799]   H8034 his name H5146 Noah H559 , saying [H8800]   H5162 , This same shall comfort [H8762]   H4639 us concerning our work H6093 and toil H3027 of our hands H4480 , because H127 of the ground H3068 which the LORD H779 hath cursed [H8765]  .

Genesis 6:13

  13 H430 And God H559 said [H8799]   H5146 unto Noah H7093 , The end H1320 of all flesh H935 is come [H8804]   H6440 before me H776 ; for the earth H4390 is filled with [H8804]   H2555 violence H6440 through them H7843 ; and, behold, I will destroy [H8688]   H854 them with H776 the earth.

Job 12:6-10

  6 H168 The tabernacles H7703 of robbers [H8802]   H7951 prosper [H8799]   H7264 , and they that provoke [H8688]   H410 God H987 are secure H3027 ; into whose hand H433 God H935 bringeth [H8689]   abundantly .
  7 H199 But H7592 ask [H8798]   H929 now the beasts H3384 , and they shall teach [H8686]   H5775 thee; and the fowls H8064 of the air H5046 , and they shall tell [H8686]   thee:
  8 H7878 Or speak [H8798]   H776 to the earth H3384 , and it shall teach [H8686]   H1709 thee: and the fishes H3220 of the sea H5608 shall declare [H8762]   unto thee.
  9 H3045 Who knoweth [H8804]   H3027 not in all these that the hand H3068 of the LORD H6213 hath wrought [H8804]   this?
  10 H3027 In whose hand H5315 is the soul H2416 of every living thing H7307 , and the breath H376 of all mankind H1320  .

Ecclesiastes 1:2

  2 H1892 Vanity H1892 of vanities H559 , saith [H8804]   H6953 the Preacher H1892 , vanity H1892 of vanities H1892 ; all is vanity.

Isaiah 24:5-6

  5 H776 The earth H2610 also is defiled [H8804]   H3427 under the inhabitants [H8802]   H5674 thereof; because they have transgressed [H8804]   H8451 the laws H2498 , changed [H8804]   H2706 the ordinance H6565 , broken [H8689]   H5769 the everlasting H1285 covenant.
  6 H423 Therefore hath the curse H398 devoured [H8804]   H776 the earth H3427 , and they that dwell [H8802]   H816 therein are desolate [H8799]   H3427 : therefore the inhabitants [H8802]   H776 of the earth H2787 are burned [H8804]   H4213 , and few H582 men H7604 left [H8738]  .

Jeremiah 12:4

  4 H776 How long shall the land H56 mourn [H8799]   H6212 , and the herbs H7704 of every field H3001 wither [H8799]   H7451 , for the wickedness H3427 of them that dwell [H8802]   H929 therein? the beasts H5595 are consumed [H8804]   H5775 , and the birds H559 ; because they said [H8804]   H7200 , He shall not see [H8799]   H319 our last end.

Jeremiah 12:11

  11 H7760 They have made [H8804]   H8076 it desolate H8077 , and being desolate H56 it mourneth [H8804]   H776 unto me; the whole land H8074 is made desolate [H8738]   H376 , because no man H7760 layeth [H8802]   H3820 it to heart.

Jeremiah 14:5-6

  5 H365 Yea, the hind H3205 also calved [H8804]   H7704 in the field H5800 , and forsook [H8800]   H1877 it, because there was no grass.
  6 H6501 And the wild asses H5975 did stand [H8804]   H8205 in the high places H7602 , they snuffed up [H8804]   H7307 the wind H8577 like dragons H5869 ; their eyes H3615 did fail [H8804]   H6212 , because there was no grass.

Hosea 4:3

  3 H776 Therefore shall the land H56 mourn [H8799]   H3427 , and every one that dwelleth [H8802]   H535 therein shall languish [H8797]   H2416 , with the beasts H7704 of the field H5775 , and with the fowls H8064 of heaven H1709 ; yea, the fishes H3220 of the sea H622 also shall be taken away [H8735]  .

Joel 1:18

  18 H929 How do the beasts H584 groan [H8737]   H5739 ! the herds H1241 of cattle H943 are perplexed [H8738]   H4829 , because they have no pasture H5739 ; yea, the flocks H6629 of sheep H816 are made desolate [H8738]  .

Romans 8:22

  22 G1063 For G1492 we know [G5758]   G3754 that G3956 the whole G2937 creation G4959 groaneth [G5719]   G2532 and G4944 travaileth in pain together [G5719]   G891 until G3568 now.

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