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Matthew 5:32 (IGNT)
  32 G1473 εγω   G1161 δε But I G3004 (G5719) λεγω Say G5213 υμιν To You G3754 οτι That G3739 ος   G302 αν Whoever G630 (G5661) απολυση   G3588 την Shall Put Away G1135 γυναικα   G846 αυτου His Wife, G3924 παρεκτος Except G3056 λογου On Account G4202 πορνειας Of Fornication, G4160 (G5719) ποιει Causes G846 αυτην Her G3429 (G5738) μοιχασθαι To Commit Adultery; G2532 και And G3739 ος   G1437 εαν Whoever G630 (G5772) απολελυμενην Her Who Has Been Put Away G1060 (G5661) γαμηση Shall Marry, G3429 (G5736) μοιχαται Commits Adultery.
Matthew 15:19 (IGNT)
  19 G1537 εκ   G1063 γαρ For Out Of G3588 της The G2588 καρδιας Heart G1831 (G5736) εξερχονται Come Forth G1261 διαλογισμοι Reasonings G4190 πονηροι Evil, G5408 φονοι Murders, G3430 μοιχειαι Adulteries, G4202 πορνειαι Fornications, G2829 κλοπαι Thefts, G5577 ψευδομαρτυριαι False Witnessings, G988 βλασφημιαι Blasphemies.
Matthew 19:9 (IGNT)
  9 G3004 (G5719) λεγω   G1161 δε And I Say G5213 υμιν To You, G3754 οτι That G3739 ος   G302 αν Whoever G630 (G5661) απολυση   G3588 την Shall Put Away G1135 γυναικα   G846 αυτου His Wife G1487 ει If G3361 μη Not G1909 επι For G4202 πορνεια Fornication, G2532 και And G1060 (G5661) γαμηση Shall Marry G243 αλλην Another, G3429 (G5736) μοιχαται Commits Adultery; G2532 και And G3588 ο He Who G630 (G5772) απολελυμενην Her "that Is" Put Away G1060 (G5660) γαμησας Marries G3429 (G5736) μοιχαται Commits Adultery.
John 8:41 (IGNT)
  41 G5210 υμεις Ye G4160 (G5719) ποιειτε Do G3588 τα The G2041 εργα   G3588 του Works G3962 πατρος   G5216 υμων Of Your Father. G2036 (G5627) ειπον They Said G3767 ουν Therefore G846 αυτω To Him, G2249 ημεις We G1537 εκ Of G4202 πορνειας Fornication G3756 ου Not G1080 (G5769) γεγεννημεθα Have Been Born; G1520 ενα One G3962 πατερα Father G2192 (G5719) εχομεν   G3588 τον We Have, G2316 θεον God.
Acts 15:29 (IGNT)
  29 G567 (G5733) απεχεσθαι To Abstain G1494 ειδωλοθυτων From Things Sacrificed To Idols, G2532 και And G129 αιματος From Blood G2532 και And G4156 πνικτου From What Is Strangled, G2532 και And G4202 πορνειας From Fornication; G1537 εξ From G3739 ων Which G1301 (G5723) διατηρουντες Keeping G1438 εαυτους Yourselves, G2095 ευ Well G4238 (G5692) πραξετε Ye Will Do. G4517 (G5770) ερρωσθε Farewell.
Acts 21:25 (IGNT)
  25 G4012 περι   G1161 δε But Concerning G3588 των Those G4100 (G5761) πεπιστευκοτων Who Have Believed G1484 εθνων Of The Nations G2249 ημεις We G1989 (G5656) επεστειλαμεν Wrote, G2919 (G5660) κριναντες Judging G3367 μηδεν No Such G5108 τοιουτον Thing G5083 (G5721) τηρειν To Observe G846 αυτους Them, G1487 ει   G3361 μη Except G5442 (G5733) φυλασσεσθαι To Keep From G846 αυτους   G3588 το   G5037 τε Themselves G1494 ειδωλοθυτον Things Offered To Idols, G2532 και   G3588 το And G129 αιμα Blood, G2532 και And G4156 πνικτον What Is Strangled, G2532 και And G4202 πορνειαν Fornication.
Romans 1:29 (IGNT)
  29 G4137 (G5772) πεπληρωμενους Being Filled With G3956 παση All G93 αδικια Unrighteousness G4202 πορνεια Fornication, G4189 πονηρια Wickedness, G4124 πλεονεξια Covetousness, G2549 κακια Malice; G3324 μεστους Full G5355 φθονου Of Envy, G5408 φονου Murder, G2054 εριδος Strife, G1388 δολου Guile, G2550 κακοηθειας Evil Dispositions; G5588 ψιθυριστας Whisperers,
1 Corinthians 5:1 (IGNT)
  1 G3654 ολως Commonly G191 (G5743) ακουεται Is Reported G1722 εν Among G5213 υμιν You G4202 πορνεια Fornication, G2532 και And G5108 τοιαυτη Such G4202 πορνεια Fornication G3748 ητις Which G3761 ουδε Not Even G1722 εν Among G3588 τοις The G1484 εθνεσιν Nations G3687 (G5743) ονομαζεται Is Named, G5620 ωστε So As G1135 γυναικα Wife G5100 τινα   G3588 του One "his" G3962 πατρος Father's G2192 (G5721) εχειν To Have.
1 Corinthians 6:13 (IGNT)
  13 G3588 τα   G1033 βρωματα Meats G3588 τη For The G2836 κοιλια Belly, G2532 και And G3588 η The G2836 κοιλια   G3588 τοις Belly G1033 βρωμασιν For Meats; G3588 ο   G1161 δε   G2316 θεος But God G2532 και Both G3778 ταυτην This G2532 και And G5023 ταυτα These G2673 (G5692) καταργησει Will Bring To Nought : G3588 το   G1161 δε But The G4983 σωμα Body "is" G3756 ου   G3588 τη Not G4202 πορνεια For Fornication, G235 αλλα But G3588 τω For The G2962 κυριω Lord, G2532 και And G3588 ο The G2962 κυριος Lord G3588 τω For The G4983 σωματι Body.
1 Corinthians 6:18 (IGNT)
  18 G5343 (G5720) φευγετε   G3588 την Flee G4202 πορνειαν Fornication. G3956 παν Every G265 αμαρτημα Sin G3739 ο   G1437 εαν Which G4160 (G5661) ποιηση May Practise G444 ανθρωπος A Man, G1622 εκτος Without G3588 του The G4983 σωματος Body G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is, G3588 ο   G1161 δε But He That G4203 (G5723) πορνευων Commits Fornication, G1519 εις Against G3588 το   G2398 ιδιον His Own G4983 σωμα Body G264 (G5719) αμαρτανει Sins.
2 Corinthians 12:21 (IGNT)
  21 G3361 μη Lest G3825 παλιν Again G2064 (G5631) ελθοντα Having Come G3165 με Me G5013 (G5661) ταπεινωση   G3588 ο Should Humble G2316 θεος God G3450 μου My G4314 προς As To G5209 υμας You, G2532 και And G3996 (G5692) πενθησω I Should Mourn Over G4183 πολλους Many G3588 των Of Those Who G4258 (G5761) προημαρτηκοτων Have Before Sinned, G2532 και And G3361 μη   G3340 (G5660) μετανοησαντων Have Not Repented G1909 επι Upon G3588 τη The G167 ακαθαρσια Uncleanness G2532 και And G4202 πορνεια Fornication G2532 και And G766 ασελγεια Licentiousness G3739 η Which G4238 (G5656) επραξαν They Practised.
Colossians 3:5 (IGNT)
  5 G3499 (G5657) νεκρωσατε Put To Death G3767 ουν   G3588 τα Therefore G3196 μελη Members G5216 υμων Your G3588 τα Which "are" G1909 επι On G3588 της The G1093 γης Earth, G4202 πορνειαν Fornication, G167 ακαθαρσιαν Uncleanness, G3806 παθος Passion, G1939 επιθυμιαν Desire G2556 κακην Evil, G2532 και   G3588 την And G4124 πλεονεξιαν Covetousness, G3748 ητις Which G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is G1495 ειδωλολατρεια Idolatry.
Revelation 9:21 (IGNT)
  21 G2532 και And G3756 ου   G3340 (G5656) μετενοησαν They Repented Not G1537 εκ Of G3588 των   G5408 φονων   G846 αυτων Their Murders, G3777 ουτε Nor G1537 εκ   G3588 των Of G5331 φαρμακειων Sorceries G846 αυτων Their, G3777 ουτε Nor G1537 εκ Of G3588 της   G4202 πορνειας   G846 αυτων Their Fornications, G3777 ουτε Nor G1537 εκ Of G3588 των   G2809 κλεμματων   G846 αυτων Their Thefts.
Revelation 14:8 (IGNT)
  8 G2532 και And G243 αλλος Another G32 αγγελος Angel G190 (G5656) ηκολουθησεν Followed, G3004 (G5723) λεγων Saying, G4098 (G5627) επεσεν Is Fallen, G4098 (G5627) επεσεν Is Fallen G897 βαβυλων   G3588 η Babylon G4172 πολις City G3588 η The G3173 μεγαλη Great, G3754 οτι Because G1537 εκ Of G3588 του The G3631 οινου Wine G3588 του Of The G2372 θυμου Fury G3588 της   G4202 πορνειας   G846 αυτης Of Her Fornication G4222 (G5758) πεποτικεν She Has Given To Drink G3956 παντα All G1484 εθνη Nations.
Revelation 17:2 (IGNT)
  2 G3326 μεθ With G3739 ης Whom G4203 (G5656) επορνευσαν Committed Fornication G3588 οι The G935 βασιλεις Kings G3588 της Of The G1093 γης Earth; G2532 και And G3184 (G5681) εμεθυσθησαν Were Made Drunk G1537 εκ With G3588 του The G3631 οινου Wine G3588 της   G4202 πορνειας   G846 αυτης Of Her Fornication G3588 οι Those That G2730 (G5723) κατοικουντες Dwell On G3588 την The G1093 γην Earth.
Revelation 17:4 (IGNT)
  4 G2532 και And G3588 η The G1135 γυνη Woman G3588 η In G4016 (G5772) περιβεβλημενη Clothed G4209 πορφυρα Purple G2532 και And G2847 κοκκινω Scarlet, G2532 και And G5558 (G5772) κεχρυσωμενη Decked G5557 χρυσω With Gold G2532 και And G3037 λιθω Stone G5093 τιμιω Precious G2532 και And G3135 μαργαριταις Pearls, G2192 (G5723) εχουσα Having G5552 χρυσουν A Golden G4221 ποτηριον Cup G1722 εν In G3588 τη   G5495 χειρι   G846 αυτης Her Hand, G1073 (G5723) γεμον Full G946 βδελυγματων Of Abominations G2532 και And G168 ακαθαρτητος Of Uncleanness G4202 πορνειας   G846 αυτης Of Her Fornication;
Revelation 18:3 (IGNT)
  3 G3754 οτι Because G1537 εκ Of G3588 του The G3631 οινου Wine G3588 του Of The G2372 θυμου   G3588 της Fury G4202 πορνειας Fornication G846 αυτης Of Her G4095 (G5758) πεπωκεν Have Drunk G3956 παντα All G3588 τα The G1484 εθνη Nations; G2532 και And G3588 οι The G935 βασιλεις Kings G3588 της Of The G1093 γης Earth G3326 μετ With G846 αυτης Her G4203 (G5656) επορνευσαν Did Commit Fornication, G2532 και And G3588 οι The G1713 εμποροι Merchants G3588 της Of The G1093 γης Earth G1537 εκ Through G3588 της The G1411 δυναμεως Power G3588 του   G4764 στρηνους   G846 αυτης Of Her Luxury G4147 (G5656) επλουτησαν Were Enriched.
Revelation 19:2 (IGNT)
  2 G3754 οτι For G228 αληθιναι True G2532 και And G1342 δικαιαι Righteous "are" G3588 αι   G2920 κρισεις   G846 αυτου His Judgments; G3754 οτι For G2919 (G5656) εκρινεν He Judged G3588 την The G4204 πορνην   G3588 την Harlot G3173 μεγαλην Great, G3748 ητις Who G5351 (G5707) εφθειρεν Corrupted G3588 την The G1093 γην Earth G1722 εν With G3588 τη   G4202 πορνεια   G846 αυτης Her Fornication, G2532 και And G1556 (G5656) εξεδικησεν He Did Avenge G3588 το The G129 αιμα   G3588 των Blood G1401 δουλων Bondmen G846 αυτου Of His G1537 εκ At G3588 της   G5495 χειρος   G846 αυτης Her Hand.