2 Chronicles 26

Great(i) 1 Then all the people of Iuda toke Uzia (which was syxtene yere olde) and made hym kynge in the rowme of hys father Amaziahu. 2 And he buylt Eloth, and brought it agayne to Iuda, after that the kynge was layd to slepe with hys fathers. 3 Syxtene yere olde was Uzia, when he began to raygne, and he raygned .lii. yere in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name also was Ieeholia of Ierusalem. 4 And he did that which was right in the syght of the Lorde, accordynge to all, as dyd hys father Amaziahu. 5 And it came to passe, that he sought God in the dayes of zachariahu (which mayntened the feare of God) & as longe as he sought the Lorde, God made hym to prospere. 6 And he went to batell agaynst the Philistines, and brake downe the wall of Geth, & the wall of Iabne, and the wall of Asdob, & buylt cyties about Asdod & among the Philistines. 7 And God holpe him against the Philistines, and agaynst the Arabiens that dwelt in Gurbaal and Hammehunim. 8 And the Ammonites gaue tribute to Uzia, and his name spredde abroade euen to the entryng in of Egypte: for he played the man exceadingly. 9 Moreouer Uzia buylt towres in Ierusalem by the corner gate, & by the valeye gate, and at the turninge of the wall, and made them stronge. 10 And he buylt towres in the wyldernesse, and digged many welles: For he had moche catell, in the valeys and playnes, plowmen and vynedressers in the mountaynes and in Charmel, for he loued husbandrye: 11 And Uzia had an host of fyghtynge men that went out to warre in the armye accordynge to the nombre of theyr office vnder the hande of Ieiel the scrybe & Maasiahu the ruler, & vnder the hande of Hananiahu which was one of the kynges Lordes. 12 And the hoale nombre of the auncient fathers, & of the men of myght were two thousande and syxe hundred: 13 & vnder the hande of them was the armye of the men of warre, euen thre hundred and seuen thousande, & fyue hundred that made warre with the power of an armye, helpyng the kynge against the enemies. 14 And Uzia prouided them thorowe out all the host, shildes, speares, helmettes, haberginnes, bowes and slynges for to cast stones. 15 And he made sotle engynnes in Ierusalem, which he inuented & layed on the towres and corners, to shote arowes and greate stones with all. And his name spredd farre abroad, because he was helped so excellently, so that he became very mighty. 16 But in his strength, his hert arose to hys destruction: For he transgressed agaynst the Lorde hys God, & went into the temple of the Lorde, to burne cense vpon the alter of incense. 17 And Asariahu the preaste went in after him, and with him foure skore preastes of the Lorde that were valeaunt men. 18 And they stode by Uzia the kynge, and sayde vnto hym: it pertayneth not to the Uzia to burne incense vnto the Lorde, but to the preastes the chyldren of Aaron, that are consecrate for to offre incense. Come therfore out of the sanctuarye for thou hast trespaced, and it is no worshyp to the before the Lorde God. 19 And Uzia was wroth, & had incense in his hande to burne it: & so whyle he had indignacyon agaynst the preastes, the leprosye sprange in his foreheed before the preastes in the house of the Lorde, euen besyde the incense aulter. 20 And Asariahu the chefe preaste with all the other preastes loked vpon him: and beholde, he was become a leper in his foreheed, & they vexed him thence. And he was fayne to go out, because the Lorde had smitten hym. 21 And Uzia the kynge contynued a lepre vnto the daye of hys deeth, and dwelt seuerall in an house beynge a leper and shutte out of the house of the Lorde. And Iotham hys sonne had the gouernaunce of the kynges house, and iudged the people of the lande. 22 The rest of the actes of Uzia fyrst & last, dyd Isai the prophete the sonne of Amos, wryte 23 And so Uzia slepte with hys fathers, and they buryed him with his fathers in the felde of the buryall which was besyde the sepulchres of the kinges. For they sayde: he is a leper. And Ioatham hys sonne raygned in hys steade.