2 Chronicles 27

Great(i) 1 Iotham was fyue and twenty yere olde, when he beganne to raygne, and raygned syxtene yere in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name also was Ierusa the daughter of Zadoc. 2 And he dyd that which was ryght in the syght of the Lorde in all poyntes as dyd hys father Uzia saue, that he came not into the temple of the Lorde, and the people dyd yet wyckedly. 3 He buylt the hye gate of the temple of the Lorde, and on the walle (where the house of ordinaunce was) he buylte moche. 4 Moreouer he buylt cyties in the mountaynes of Iuda, and in the wood countreye he buylt castelles and towres. 5 He fought with the kynge of the chyldren of Ammon, and preuayled agaynst them. And the chyldren of Ammon gaue hym the same yere an hundred talentes of syluer, and ten thousande quarters of wheate, & ten thousand of barleye. So moche dyd the chyldren of Ammon geue hym the seconde yere and the thyrd also. 6 So Iotham became myghtie, because he directed hys waye before the Lorde his God. 7 The rest of the actes of Iotham & all hys warres, & his conuersacyon, lo, they are written in the boke of the kynges of Israel and Iuda. 8 He was .xxv. yere olde when he beganne to raygne, & raygned syxtene yere in Ierusalem. 9 And Iotham slepte with his fathers, and they buryed hym in the cytie of Dauid: & Ahaz hys sonne raygned in hys steade.