2 Chronicles 26

Matthew(i) 1 Then all the people of Iuda toke Oziah whiche was .xvi. yere olde, and made hym Kynge in the rowme of hys father Amaziah. 2 And he buylt Eloth and brought it agayne to Iuda after the kynge was layde to rest with his fathers. 3 Sixtene yere olde was Oziah when he began to raigne and he raigned .lij. yeare in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Iecaliah of Ierusalem. 4 And he dyd that pleased the Lord, in al pointes as dyd hys father Amaziah. 5 And he soughte God, whyle Zachariah the teacher to se God lyued: and as longe as he sought the Lorde, God made him prospere. 6 And he went to battel agaynst the Philistines and brake doune the walles of Geth, and the walles of Iabneh and the walles of Asdod, and buylt cities about Asdod & among the Philistines. 7 And God holpe him against the Philistines & againste the Arabiens that dwelt in Gurbaal, & against the Meunites. 8 And the Ammonites gaue tribute to Oziah, & his name sprede abroade euen to Egipt: for he played the man exceaded. 9 Moreouer Oziah buylte toures in Ierusalem ouer the corner gate, & ouer the valeye gate, and ouer other corners, and made them stronge. 10 And he built toures in the wildernesse & digged many welles. For he had much catel, both in the valey and also in the playne: and plowmen and vinedressers in the mountaynes and in Charmel, for he loued husbandrye. 11 And Oziah had an host of fyghtyng men that went out to warre in the armye & were tolde & numbred by Ieiel the scrybe & Maasiah an officer, vnder the hand of Hananiah one of the kynges Lordes. 12 And the hoale numbre of the auncient heades of the men of might were .ij. thousande & syxe hundred 13 and vnder the handes of them was the armie of the hoste, thre hundred & seuen thousand, & fyue hundred that made warre wyth myght & strength, to helpe the kynge againste hys enemyes. 14 And Oziah prouyded them thorow oute al the host shildes, speares, helmettes, habergynnes, bowes & slinges for stones. 15 And he made engynes in Ierusalem by the crafte of artifycers to be on the towres & corners, to shote arowes & great stones with al. And his name spreade farre abroade, for he was wonderflye holpe, vntyl he was become myghtye. 16 And in his greatnesse hys hert arose, that he was marred: & transgressed against the Lord his God. For he went into the temple of the Lorde to burne cense vpon the aulter of incense. 17 But Asariah the prieste went in after him with foure skore priestes of the Lorde that were bolde men. 18 And they stepte to Oziah the kynge & sayde to him: it pertayneth not to the Oziah to burne cense vnto the Lorde, but to the priestes the children of Aaron that are consecrate for to burne incense. Come out of the sanctuarye, for thou hast trespaced, and it shalbe no worshepe to the before the Lorde God. 19 And Oziah was wroth and had cense in hys hande to offer, and in hys indignacyon agaynste the prieste, the leprosye sprange in his forhead the priestes in the house of the Lorde, euen besyde the incense aulter. 20 And Asariah the chefe priest with al the other priestes loked vpon him: and beholde he was a leper in his forhead, & they vexed him thence. And therto he was fayne to go oute, because the Lord had plaged him. 21 And Oziah the kynge continued a lepre vnto the daye of his death & dwelte in an house at lybertie: howe be it, he was cast out of the house of the Lord. And Ionatham his sonne had the gouernaunce of the kynges house & iudged the people of the lande. 22 The rest of the actes of Oziah both fyrste and last, did Isaiah the prophete the sonne of Amos write. 23 And when Oziah was layde to rest with his fathers, they buryed him wt his fathers in the felde of the burial of the kinges. For they sayde: he is a leper. And Ioatham his sonne raygned in his steade.