Matthew(i) 1 This is the worde of the lorde whiche came vnto Sophonye the sonne of Chusi, the sonne of Gedoliah, the sonne of Amariah the sonne of Hezekiah in the time of Iosiah the sonne of Amon kynge of Iuda. 2 I wyl gather vp all thynges in the lande (sayeth the Lorde) 3 I wyl gather vp man and beast: I wil gather vp the foules in the ayre and the fyshe in the sea (to the greate decaye of the wycked) and wyll vtterlye destroye the men out of the lande, sayeth the Lorde. 4 I wyll stretche oute myne hande vpon Iuda, and vpon all suche as dwell at Ierusalem. Thus wyll I rote oute the remnaunte of Baal from thys place, & the names of the Remurins and priestes: 5 yea and suche as vpon theyr house toppes worshyppe and bowe them selues vnto the host of heauen: whiche sweare by the Lorde, & by theyr Malchom also: 6 whiche starte a backe from the Lord, & neyther seke after the Lorde, nor regarde him. 7 Be styll at the presence of the Lorde God, for the daye of the Lorde is at hande: yea the Lorde hath prepareth a slayne offerynge, and called hys gestes therto. 8 And thus shall it happen in the daye of the Lordes a slayneofferyng: I wyll vpset the prynces, the kynges chyldren, and all suche as were straunge clothynge. 9 In the same daye also wyll I vyset all those, that treade ouer the thresholde so proudely, which fyll theyr Lordes house with trobbery and falshede. 10 At the same time (saith the Lorde) there shalbe hearde a greate crye from the fyshporte and an howlyng from the other porte, and a greate murthur from the hylles. 11 Howle ye that dwell in the myll, for all the marchaunt people are gone, and al they that were laden with syluer, are roted oute. 12 At the same tyme will I seke thorowe Ierusalem with lanternes, and vpset them that contynue in theyr dregges, and saye in theyr hertes. Tushe, the Lorde wil do neyther good nor euyll. 13 Theyr goodes shalbe spoyled, and theyr houses layed waste: they shall buylde houses, and not dwel in them: they shal plant vyneyardes, but not drinck the wyne, therof. 14 For the greate daye of the Lorde is at hande, it is harde by, and commeth on a pace. Horryble is the tydynges of the Lordes daye, then shall the gyaunte crye oute: 15 for that daye is a daye of wrath, a daye of trouble and heuinesse, a daye of vtter destruccyon & mysery, a darcke & glomyng daye, a cloudy and stormy daye, 16 a daye of the noyse of trompettes & shawmes, agaynst the stronge cities & hye towres. 17 I wyl brynge the people into suche vexacyon, that they shal go aboute lyke blyndemen, because they haue synned agaynste the Lorde. Theyr bloude shalbe shed as the duste, & theyr bodyes as the myre. 18 Nether theyr syluer nor theyr golde shalbe able to delyuered them in the wrothfull daye of the Lorde, but the whole lande shalbe consumed thorow the fyre of his gelousy: for he shall soone make cleane ryddaunce of all them that dwell in the lande.