1 H1697 The word H3068 of the LORD H6846 which came unto Zephaniah H1121 the son H3570 of Cushi H1121 , the son H1436 of Gedaliah H1121 , the son H568 of Amariah H1121 , the son H2396 of Hizkiah H3117 , in the days H2977 of Josiah H1121 the son H526 of Amon H4428 , king H3063 of Judah.
  2 H622 I will utterly [H8800]   H5486 consume [H8686]   H6440 all things from off the land H127   H5002 , saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD.
  3 H5486 I will consume [H8686]   H120 man H929 and beast H5486 ; I will consume [H8686]   H5775 the fowls H8064 of the heaven H1709 , and the fishes H3220 of the sea H4384 , and the stumblingblocks H7563 with the wicked H3772 ; and I will cut off [H8689]   H120 man H6440 from off H127 the land H5002 , saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD.
  4 H5186 I will also stretch out [H8804]   H3027 mine hand H3063 upon Judah H3427 , and upon all the inhabitants [H8802]   H3389 of Jerusalem H3772 ; and I will cut off [H8689]   H7605 the remnant H1168 of Baal H4725 from this place H8034 , and the name H3649 of the Chemarims H3548 with the priests;
  5 H7812 And them that worship [H8693]   H6635 the host H8064 of heaven H1406 upon the housetops H7812 ; and them that worship [H8693]   H7650 and that swear [H8737]   H3068 by the LORD H7650 , and that swear [H8737]   H4428 by Malcham;
  6 H5472 And them that are turned back [H8737]   H310 from H3068 the LORD H1245 ; and those that have not sought [H8765]   H3068 the LORD H1875 , nor enquired [H8804]   for him.
  7 H2013 Hold thy peace [H8761]   H6440 at the presence H136 of the Lord H3069 GOD H3117 : for the day H3068 of the LORD H7138 is at hand H3068 : for the LORD H3559 hath prepared [H8689]   H2077 a sacrifice H6942 , he hath bid [H8689]   H7121 his guests [H8803]  .
  8 H3117 And it shall come to pass in the day H3068 of the LORD'S H2077 sacrifice H6485 , that I will punish [H8804]   H8269 the princes H4428 , and the king's H1121 children H3847 , and all such as are clothed [H8802]   H5237 with strange H4403 apparel.
  9 H3117 In the same day H6485 also will I punish [H8804]   H1801 all those that leap [H8802]   H4670 on the threshold H4390 , which fill [H8764]   H113 their masters H1004 ' houses H2555 with violence H4820 and deceit.
  10 H3117 And it shall come to pass in that day H5002 , saith [H8803]   H3068 the LORD H6963 , that there shall be the noise H6818 of a cry H1709 from the fish H8179 gate H3215 , and an howling H4932 from the second H1419 , and a great H7667 crashing H1389 from the hills.
  11 H3213 Howl [H8685]   H3427 , ye inhabitants [H8802]   H4389 of Maktesh H3667 , for all the merchant H5971 people H1820 are cut down [H8738]   H5187 ; all they that bear H3701 silver H3772 are cut off [H8738]  .
  12 H6256 And it shall come to pass at that time H2664 , that I will search [H8762]   H3389 Jerusalem H5216 with candles H6485 , and punish [H8804]   H582 the men H7087 that are settled [H8802]   H8105 on their lees H559 : that say [H8802]   H3824 in their heart H3068 , The LORD H3190 will not do good [H8686]   H7489 , neither will he do evil [H8686]  .
  13 H2428 Therefore their goods H4933 shall become a booty H1004 , and their houses H8077 a desolation H1129 : they shall also build [H8804]   H1004 houses H3427 , but not inhabit [H8799]   H5193 them; and they shall plant [H8804]   H3754 vineyards H8354 , but not drink [H8799]   H3196 the wine thereof.
  14 H1419 The great H3117 day H3068 of the LORD H7138 is near H7138 , it is near H4118 , and hasteth H3966 greatly H6963 , even the voice H3117 of the day H3068 of the LORD H1368 : the mighty man H6873 shall cry [H8802]   H4751 there bitterly.
  15 H3117 That day H3117 is a day H5678 of wrath H3117 , a day H6869 of trouble H4691 and distress H3117 , a day H7722 of wasteness H4875 and desolation H3117 , a day H2822 of darkness H653 and gloominess H3117 , a day H6051 of clouds H6205 and thick darkness,
  16 H3117 A day H7782 of the trumpet H8643 and alarm H1219 against the fenced [H8803]   H5892 cities H1364 , and against the high H6438 towers.
  17 H6887 And I will bring distress [H8689]   H120 upon men H1980 , that they shall walk [H8804]   H5787 like blind men H2398 , because they have sinned [H8804]   H3068 against the LORD H1818 : and their blood H8210 shall be poured out [H8795]   H6083 as dust H3894 , and their flesh H1561 as the dung.
  18 H3701 Neither their silver H2091 nor their gold H3201 shall be able [H8799]   H5337 to deliver [H8687]   H3117 them in the day H3068 of the LORD'S H5678 wrath H776 ; but the whole land H398 shall be devoured [H8735]   H784 by the fire H7068 of his jealousy H6213 : for he shall make [H8799]   H926 even a speedy [H8737]   H3617 riddance H3427 of all them that dwell [H8802]   H776 in the land.