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Jeremiah 4:30 (KJV_Strongs)
  30 H7703 And when thou art spoiled [H8803]   H6213 , what wilt thou do [H8799]   H3847 ? Though thou clothest [H8799]   H8144 thyself with crimson H5710 , though thou deckest [H8799]   H5716 thee with ornaments H2091 of gold H7167 , though thou rentest [H8799]   H5869 thy face H6320 with painting H7723 , in vain H3302 shalt thou make thyself fair [H8691]   H5689 ; thy lovers [H8802]   H3988 will despise [H8804]   H1245 thee, they will seek [H8762]   H5315 thy life.