Job 16

  1 G5274 And undertaking, G1161   G* Job G3004 says,
  2 G191 I have heard G5108 [2such things G4183 1many]. G3875.1 [3comforters G2556 2bad G3956 1 You are all].
  3 G5100 For what, G1063   G3361   G5010 [2order G1510.2.3 1is there] G4487 in words G4151 of wind? G2228 or G5100 what G3926 shall it trouble G1473 you G3754 that G611 you answer?
  4 G2504 I also G2596 [2as G1473 3you G2980 1could speak] G1487 if G5270.2 [3laid G1065 1indeed G3588   G5590 2your life] G1473   G473 instead of G3588   G1699 my life . G1534 So then G1724.2 I shall assail G1473 against you G4487 with words, G2795 and I will shake G1161   G2596 [2as G1473 3you G2776 1 my head].
  5 G1510.4 And may that there be G1161   G2479 strength G1722 in G3588   G4750 my mouth, G1473   G2796 [4 the movement G1161 1then G5491 5of my lips G3756 2I would not G5339 3spare].
  6 G1437 For if G1063   G2980 I shall speak G3756 [2shall not G217.1 3ache G3588   G5134 1 my wound]; G1437 and if G1161   G2532 also G4623 I keep silent, G5100 how G1640 less G5103.1 will I be pierced?
  7 G3568 But now, G1161   G2628.3 [2me exhausted G1473   G4160 1he has made], G3474 [2moron G4595 1a festering], G2532 and G1949 it took hold of G1473 me.
  8 G1519 For G3142 [2a testimony G1096 1I became], G2532 and G450 [2rose up G1722 3in G1473 4me G3588   G5579 1my lie]; G1473   G2596 according to G4383 my face G1473   G470 it was answered.
  9 G3709 In anger G5530 the one dealing with me G2598 cast me down; G1473   G1031 he gnashed G1909 against G1473 me G3588 with his G3599 teeth; G956 the arrows G3986.3 of his marauders G1473   G1909 [2upon G1473 3me G4098 1have fallen];
  10 G185.5 [3points G3788 4of his eyes G1724.2 1he assailed me G3691 2 with the sharp]; G3817 he smote G1473 me G1519 onto G3588 my G1119 knees; G3661 and with one accord G1161   G2701 they ran G1909 upon G1473 me.
  11 G3860 [4delivered G1063 1For G1473 5me G3588 2the G2962 3 lord] G1519 into G5495 the hands G94 of the unjust, G1909 and unto G1161   G765 the impious G4495 he tossed G1473 me.
  12 G1514 Making peace G1286.1 he effaced G1473 me; G2983 taking G1473 me G3588 by the G2864 hair of the head G1303.1 he plucked it out; G2525 he placed G1473 me G5618 as if G4649 an exemplar.
  13 G2944 They encircled G1473 me G3057 with lances, G906 casting G1519 into G3510 my kidney, G1473   G3756 not G5339 sparing; G1632 they poured out G1519 [2onto G3588 3the G1093 4earth G3588   G5521 1my bile]. G1473  
  14 G2598 They threw me down, G4430 downfall G1909 upon G4430 downfall; G5143 they ran G4314 against G1473 me G1410 prevailing;
  15 G4526 [2sackcloth G4475.2 1they sewed] G1909 upon G1037.1 my hide; G1473   G3588   G1161 and G4598.2 my strength G1473   G1722 [2in G1093 3 the ground G4570 1was extinguished].
  16 G3588   G1064 My belly G1473   G4776.2 burns G575 from G2805 weeping, G1909 and upon G1161   G991.1 my eyelids G4639 a shadow G2288 of death.
  17 G94 [4unjust thing G1161 1And G3762 3not one G1510.7.3 2there was] G1722 in G5495 my hands, G1473   G2171 [3vow G1161 1and G1473 2my] G2513 is pure.
  18 G1093 O earth, G3361 you should not cover G1943   G1909 over G129 the blood G3588   G4561 of my flesh, G1473   G3366 nor G1510.4 may there be G5117 a place G3588   G2906 for my cry. G1473  
  19 G2532 And G3568 now G2400 behold, G1722 [2 is in G3772 3 the heavens G3588   G3144 1my witness], G1473   G3588   G1161 and G4921.1 my joint witness G1473   G1722 is in G5310 the highest.
  20 G864 May [3arrive G1473 1my G3588   G1162 2supplication] G4314 unto G2962 the lord, G1725 and before G1161   G1473 him G4712.1 may [3drip tears G1473 1my G3588   G3788 2eye].
  21 G1510.4 And may it be G1161   G1650 reproof G435 to man G1726 before G2962 the lord, G2532 and G5207 to a son G444 of man G3588 to G4139 his neighbor. G1473  
  22 G2094 [3years G1161 1But G705.1 2counted] G2240 have come; G3598 and in the way G1161   G3739 in which G3756 I shall not G1879.1 be returned -- G4198 I shall go.