Bishops(i) 1 The prouerbes of Solomon the sonne of Dauid, kyng of Israel 2 To learne wisdome and instruction, & to perceaue the wordes of vnderstandyng 3 To receaue the instruction of wisdome, iustice, iudgement, and equitie 4 To geue wyt vnto the simple, and that the young men myght haue knowledge and vnderstandyng 5 The wise man wyll geue eare, and wyll come by more wisdome, and he that is endued with vnderstanding shal attayne vnto [wise] counsayles 6 To vnderstande a parable, and the interpretation therof, the wordes of the wise, and their darke speaches 7 The feare of the Lorde is the begynnyng of knowledge: but fooles dispise wisdome and instruction 8 My sonne, heare thy fathers doctrine, & forsake not the lawe of thy mother 9 For they shalbe an encrease of grace vnto thy head, and [as] a chayne about thy necke 10 My sonne, if sinners entice thee, consent not vnto them 11 If they say, come with vs, let vs lay wayte for blood, and lurke priuily for the innocent without a cause 12 Let vs swallowe them vp lyke the graue quicke and whole, as those that go downe into the pit 13 So shall we finde all maner of costly riches, and fill our houses with spoyles 14 Cast in thy lot among vs, and let vs all haue one purse 15 My sonne, walke not thou with them, refrayne thy foote from their wayes 16 For their feete runne to euyll, and are hasty to shed blood 17 But [as] in vayne, the nette is layde foorth before the birdes eyes 18 So these lay wayte for the blood of them, and lye priuily for their liues 19 Such [are] the wayes of euery one that is greedie of gayne, who taketh away the life of the owner therof 20 Wisdome cryeth without, and putteth foorth her voyce in the streetes 21 She calleth before the congregation in the open gates, and sheweth her wordes through the citie, saying 22 O ye children, howe long wyll ye loue childishnesse? howe long wyll the scorners delite in scornyng, and the vnwise hate knowledge 23 O turne you at my correction: lo I wyll expresse my mynde vnto you, and make you vnderstande my wordes 24 Because I haue called, and ye refused, I haue stretched out my hande, and no man regarded 25 But all my counsels haue ye dispised, and set my correction at naught 26 Therfore wyll I also laugh at your destruction, and mocke you, when the thyng that ye feare commeth vpon you 27 Euen when the thyng that ye be afraide of falleth in sodenly like a storme, and your miserie lyke a tempest, yea when trouble and heauinesse commeth vpon you 28 Then shall they call vpon me, but I wyll not aunswere: they shall seeke me early, but they shall not finde me 29 And that because they hated knowledge, and did not choose the feare of the Lorde 30 They woulde none of my counsayle, but dispised all my correction 31 Therfore shall they eate of the fruite of their owne way, and be fylled with their owne inuentions 32 For the turnyng away of the vnwise shall slay them, and the prosperitie of fooles shall destroy them 33 But whoso hearkeneth vnto me, shal dwell safely, and be sure from any feare of euyll