Thomson(i) 1 The Proverbs of David's son Solomon, who reigned over Israel, 2 to give a knowledge of wisdom and instruction; the perception of the words of prudence; 3 the interpretation of sentences; a discernment of true justice; and to direct judgment, 4 that he might give sagacity to the innocent; and to the youth knowledge and discretion: 5 for by attending to them a wise man will become wiser; and a man of understanding will possess a ride of government 6 and will understand a proverb and dark speech and the sayings of the wise and parables. 7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And all who practise this have good understanding. And piety towards God is the beginning of discernment: but the wicked despise wisdom and instruction. 8 My son, hear the instruction of thy father and reject not the maxims of thy mother: 9 for thou wilt receive a graceful crown for thy head; and a chain of gold for thy neck. 10 My son, let not wicked men lead thee astray. Consent not when they advise thee, 11 saying, Come with us; partake of blood; and let us hide in the earth an innocent man without cause, 12 and swallow him up alive, as the grave, and take away from earth the remembrance of him. 13 Let us seize his precious substance and fill our houses with spoils. 14 Cast in thy lot among us, and let us all have a common purse. Let one scrip serve us. 15 Go not thou in the way with them; but turn thy foot from their paths. 16 [Omitted] 17 For nets are not spread for birds unjustly. 18 For they who are accomplices to murder, treasure up evils for themselves. And doleful is the destruction of wicked men. 19 Such are the ways of all who commit iniquitous deeds. For by wickedness they destroy their own soul. 20 Wisdom uttereth her song at the gates and in the streets speaketh boldly; 21 and on the tops of walls she maketh proclamation; and at the gates of mighty men taketh a seat and at the gates of a city with confidence saith, 22 "While the innocent adhere to justice they shall not be put to shame: but as for fools who delight in mischief, having become wicked they hated knowledge and are become liable to censures. 23 Behold I will pour forth to you the dictate of my spirit: and teach you this word of mine; 24 seeing I have called and you have not answered: and though I continued my speech, you did not attend: 25 but set at naught my counsels and disregarded my reproofs: 26 therefore I will laugh at your calamity; and mock when your destruction cometh. 27 Yes, when tumult shall suddenly come upon you; and destruction like a whirlwind shall be at hand; even when tribulation and siege approach you; or when destruction is advancing upon you. 28 For when you call upon me I will not listen to you. The wicked may seek me, but they shall not find me. 29 For they hated wisdom and did not chuse the word of the Lord: 30 nor would they attend to my counsels, but contemned my reproofs: 31 Let them eat, therefore, the fruits of their own way; and be filled with their own iniquity. 32 For, because they wronged infants they shall be slain: and a rigorous inquest shall destroy the wicked. 33 But he who hearkeneth to me shall dwell with hope; and rest secure from all evil."