Acts 23:12-15

Coverdale(i) 12 Now whan it was daye, certayne of the Iewes gathered them selues together, and made a vowe nether to eate ner drynke, tyll they had kylled Paul. 13 They were mo then fortye, which had made this conspyracion. 14 These came to the hye prestes and Elders, and sayde: We haue bounde oure selues wt a vowe, that we wil eate nothinge, tyll we haue slayne Paul. 15 Now therfore geue ye knowlege to the vpper captayne and to the councell, that he maye brynge him forth vnto you tomorow, as though ye wolde heare him yet better: As for vs, we are ready to kyll him, or euer he come nye you.