Acts 23:12-15

Tyndale(i) 12 When daye was come certayne of the Iewes gaddered them selves to geder and made a vowe sayinge that they wolde nether eate nor drinke till they had killed Paul. 13 They were aboute .xl. which had made this conspiracio. 14 And they cam to ye chefe prestes and elders and sayde: we have boude oure selves with a vowe that we will eate nothinge vntill we have slayne Paul. 15 Now therfore geve ye knowlege to the vpper captayne and to the counsell that he bringe him forth vnto vs to morow as though we wolde knowe some thinge more perfectly of him. But we (or ever he come neare) are redy in ye meane season to kill him.