Acts 23:12-15

JMNT(i) 12 But with it becoming day, those [other MSS: certain one of the] Jews, constructing a plot, placed themselves under an oath, all swearing neither to eat nor to drink until which [time, or, occasion] they would kill off Paul. 13 Now there were more than forty men forming this oath-bound conspiracy, 14 who, upon coming to the chief priests and the older men (or: elders), said, "We placed ourselves under an oath in a gift devoted [to God] to taste nothing until which [time, or, occasion] we can kill off Paul. 15 "Now therefore, you men make it appear (show it in such a light so as to convey the idea) to the commander along with the Sanhedrin (High Council) as though [you are] intending to continue investigating, being now about to thoroughly examine and more accurately know the things concerning him – so that he would bring him down to you folks. Yet before the [situation for] him to draw near [p48 adds: to you] (= before he gets here), we ourselves are ready and prepared to assassinate him.