1 Samuel

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, one man of Ramahayim Sophim of mount Ephrayim; and his name is El Qanah, the son of Yerocham the son of Eli Hu the son of Tochu the son of Suph - an Ephrathiy: 2 and he has two women; the name of the one is Hannah, and the name of the second Peninnah: and Peninnah has children but Hannah has no children. 3 And this man ascends from his city days by days to prostrate and to sacrifice to Yah Veh Sabaoth in Shiloh: and there are the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Pinechas, the priests of Yah Veh: 4 and so be it, the day El Qanah sacrifices, he gives portions to Peninnah his woman, and to all her sons and her daughters: 5 and he gives one double faced portion to Hannah; because he loves Hannah: and Yah Veh shut her womb; 6 and her tribulation also vexes her to vexation to irritate her; because Yah Veh shut her womb. 7 And thus he works year by year, as she ascends often enough to the house of Yah Veh, thus she is vexed; and she weeps, and eats not. 8 And El Qanah her man says to her, Hannah, why weep you? aAnd why eat you not? And why villify your heart? Am not I better to thee than ten sons? 9 - and Hannah rises in Shiloh after they eat and after they drink. Now Eli the priest settles on a throne by a post of the manse of Yah Veh: 10 and she is bitter of soul and prays to Yah Veh: and in weeping, she weeps; 11 and she vows a vow, and says, O Yah Veh Sabaoth, if in seeing, you see the humiliation of your maid, and remember me, and forget not your maid, but give your maid a man seed, then I give him to Yah Veh all the days of his life, and no razor ascends on his head. 12 And so be it, as she abounds to pray at the face of Yah Veh, that Eli guards her mouth. 13
And Hannah words within her heart; only, her lips quiver, but her voice is not heard: so Eli fabricates she is intoxicated: 14 and Eli says unto her, Until when are you intoxicated? Turn aside from your wine. 15 And Hannah answers and says, No, my adoni, I am a woman, hard in spirit: I drink neither wine nor intoxicants, but pour out my soul at the face of Yah Veh: 16 Give not your maid as the face of a daughter of Beli Yaal: for I word from the abundance of my meditation and vexation. 17 Then Eli answers and says, Go in shalom: and may Elohim of Yisra El give the petition you ask of him. 18 And she says, O that your maid find charism in your eyes. - and the woman goes her way, and eats, and her face is no more. 19
And they rise early in the morning and prostrate at the face of Yah Veh; and return and come to their house to Ramah: and El Qanah knows Hannah his woman; and Yah Veh remembers her. 20 And so be it, in the revolution of days after Hannah conceives, she births a son and calls his name Shemu El - because I asked him of Yah Veh. 21 And the man El Qanah, and all his house, ascend to sacrifice the sacrifice of days and his vow to Yah Veh. 22 And Hannah ascends not; for she says to her man, When the lad weans then I bring him to be seen at the face of Yah Veh and settle there eternally. 23 And El Qanah her man says to her, Work what seems good in your eyes; settle until you wean him; only, may Yah Veh raise his word. So the woman settles, and suckles her son until she weans him: 24 and she weans him and ascends him with her with three bullocks and one ephah of flour and a bag of wine; and brings him to the house of Yah Veh in Shiloh: and the lad is but a lad: 25 and they slaughter a bullock and bring the lad to Eli. 26 And she says, Oh my adoni, as your soul lives, my adoni, I am the woman who stationed here by you, praying unto Yah Veh: 27 - for this lad I prayed; and Yah Veh gives me the petition I asked of him: 28 and also I lend him to Yah Veh; all the days he lives he becomes lent to Yah Veh. - and he prostrates to Yah Veh there.