Great(i) 1 This is the worde of the Lorde, that came vnto Oseas the sonne of Beery in the days of Oseas, Ioathan, Ahas and Iezekias kynges of Iuda: and in the tyme of Ieroboam sonne of Ioas kinge of Israel. 2 Fyrst, when the Lorde spake vnto Oseas he sayde vnto hym. Go thy waye, take an harlott to thy wyfe, and get chyldren by her: for the lande hath commytted greate whordome agaynst the Lorde. 3 So he wente, & toke Gomer the daughter of Deblaim: whych conceaued, and brought forth a sonne. 4 And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: call hys name Iesrael, for I wyll shortly auenge the bloude of Iesrael vpon the house of Iehu, & wyll brynge the kyngdome of the house of Israel to an ende. 5 Then wyll I breake the bowe of Israel, in the valley of Iesrael. 6 She conceaued yet agayne, and bare a daughter. And he sayde vnto hym. Call her name. Loruhamah (that is, not optayninge mercy) for I wyll haue no pytie vpon the house of Israel, but forget them and put them cleane out of remembraunce. 7 Neuerthelesse, I wyll haue mercy vpon the house of Iuda, and wyll saue them, euen thorowe the Lorde theyr God. But I wyll not delyuer them thorowe eny bowe, swearde, battell, horses or horsmen. 8 Nowe, when she had weaned Loruhamah, she conceaued agayne, and bare a sonne. 9 Then sayde he: call hys name, Loamy. For why? ye are not my people, therfore will not I be your God. 10 And though the nombre of the chyldren of Israel be as the sande of the see, whych can nether be measured ner tolde: yet in the place where it is sayde vnto them ye be not my people: euen there shall it be thus reported of them they be the chyldren of the lyuynge God. 11 Then shall the chyldren of Iuda and the chyldren of Israel be gathered together agayne and chose them selues one head, and then departe out of the lande: for greate shalbe the daye of Israel.