Judges 4

  1 H1121 And the sons H3478 of Israel H3254 [H8686] again H6213 [H8800] did H7451 evil H5869 in the eyes H3068 of the LORD, H164 after Ehud H4191 [H8804] was dead.
  2 H3068 And the LORD H4376 [H8799] sold H3027 them into the hand H2985 of Jabin H4428 king H3667 of Canaan, H4427 [H8804] that reigned H2674 in Hazor; H8269 the captain H6635 of whose host H5516 was Sisera, H3427 [H8802] who dwelt H2800 in Harosheth H1471 of the nations.
  3 H1121 And the sons H3478 of Israel H6817 [H8799] shrieked H3068 to the LORD: H8672 for he had nine H3967 hundred H7393 chariots H1270 of iron; H6242 and twenty H8141 years H2394 he mightily H3905 [H8804] oppressed H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel.
  4 H1683 And Deborah, H5031 a prophetess, H802 the wife H3941 of Lapidoth, H8199 [H8802] she judged H3478 Israel H6256 at that time.
  5 H3427 [H8802] And she dwelt H8560 under the palm tree H1683 of Deborah H7414 between Ramah H1008 and Bethel H2022 in mount H669 Ephraim: H1121 and the sons H3478 of Israel H5927 [H8799] came up H4941 to her for judgment.
  6 H7971 [H8799] And she sent H7121 [H8799] and called H1301 Barak H1121 the son H42 of Abinoam H6943 from Kedeshnaphtali, H559 [H8799] and said H3068 to him, Hath not the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel H6680 [H8765] commanded, H3212 [H8798] saying, Go H4900 [H8804] and draw H2022 toward mount H8396 Tabor, H3947 [H8804] and take H6235 with thee ten H505 thousand H376 men H1121 of the sons H5321 of Naphtali H1121 and of the sons H2074 of Zebulun?
  7 H4900 [H8804] And I will draw H5158 to thee to the river H7028 Kishon H5516 Sisera, H8269 the captain H2985 of Jabin's H6635 army, H7393 with his chariots H1995 and his multitude; H5414 [H8804] and I will give H3027 him into thine hand.
  8 H1301 And Barak H559 [H8799] said H3212 [H8799] to her, If thou wilt go H1980 [H8804] with me, then I will go: H3212 [H8799] but if thou wilt not go H3212 [H8799] with me, then I will not go.
  9 H559 [H8799] And she said, H1980 [H8800] I will surely H3212 [H8799] go H657 with thee: however H1870 the journey H1980 [H8802] that thou takest H8597 shall not be for thy honour; H3068 for the LORD H4376 [H8799] shall sell H5516 Sisera H3027 into the hand H802 of a woman. H1683 And Deborah H6965 [H8799] arose, H3212 [H8799] and went H1301 with Barak H6943 to Kedesh.
  10 H1301 And Barak H2199 [H8686] called H2074 Zebulun H5321 and Naphtali H6943 to Kedesh; H5927 [H8799] and he went up H6235 with ten H505 thousand H376 men H7272 at his feet: H1683 and Deborah H5927 [H8799] went up with him.
  11 H2268 Now Heber H7017 the Kenite, H1121 who was of the sons H2246 of Hobab H2859 [H8802] the father in law H4872 of Moses, H6504 [H8737] had separated H7017 himself from the Kenites, H5186 [H8799] and pitched H168 his tent H436 to the plain H6815 of Zaanaim, H6943 which is by Kedesh.
  12 H5046 [H8686] And they showed H5516 Sisera H1301 that Barak H1121 the son H42 of Abinoam H5927 [H8804] had gone up H2022 to mount H8396 Tabor.
  13 H5516 And Sisera H2199 [H8686] gathered together H7393 all his chariots, H8672 even nine H3967 hundred H7393 chariots H1270 of iron, H5971 and all the people H2800 that were with him, from Harosheth H1471 of the nations H5158 to the river H7028 of Kishon.
  14 H1683 And Deborah H559 [H8799] said H1301 to Barak, H6965 [H8798] Arise; H3117 for this is the day H3068 when the LORD H5414 [H8804] hath given H5516 Sisera H3027 into thine hand: H3068 hath not the LORD H3318 [H8804] gone out H6440 at the face of H1301 thee? So Barak H3381 [H8799] went down H2022 from mount H8396 Tabor, H6235 and ten H505 thousand H376 men H310 after him.
  15 H3068 And the LORD H2000 [H8799] put in commotion H5516 Sisera, H7393 and all his chariots, H4264 and all his host, H6310 with the edge H2719 of the sword H6440 at the face of H1301 Barak; H5516 so that Sisera H3381 [H8799] came down H4818 from his chariot, H5127 [H8799] and fled away H7272 on his feet.
  16 H1301 But Barak H7291 H310 [H8804] pursued H7393 the chariots, H4264 and the host, H2800 to Harosheth H1471 of the nations: H4264 and all the host H5516 of Sisera H5307 [H8799] fell H6310 upon the edge H2719 of the sword; H259 and there was not a man H7604 [H8738] left.
  17 H5516 However Sisera H5127 [H8804] fled away H7272 on his feet H168 to the tent H3278 of Jael H802 the wife H2268 of Heber H7017 the Kenite: H7965 for there was peace H2985 between Jabin H4428 the king H2674 of Hazor H1004 and the house H2268 of Heber H7017 the Kenite.
  18 H3278 And Jael H3318 [H8799] went out H7125 [H8800] to meet H5516 Sisera, H559 [H8799] and said H5493 [H8798] to him, Turn in, H113 my sovereign, H5493 [H8798] turn in H3372 [H8799] to me; fear H5493 [H8799] not. And when he had turned in H168 to her into the tent, H3680 [H8762] she covered H8063 him with a mantle.
  19 H559 [H8799] And he said H4592 to her, Give me, I pray thee, a little H4325 water H8248 [H8685] to drink; H6770 [H8804] for I am thirsty. H6605 [H8799] And she opened H4997 a bottle H2461 of milk, H8248 [H8686] and gave him a drink, H3680 [H8762] and covered him.
  20 H559 [H8799] Again he said H5975 [H8798] to her, Stand in H6607 the door H168 of the tent, H376 and it shall be, when any man H935 [H8799] doth come H7592 [H8804] and enquire H559 [H8804] of thee, and say, H3426 0 Is there H376 any man H3426 here? H559 [H8804] that thou shalt say, No.
  21 H3278 Then Jael H2268 Heber's H802 wife H3947 [H8799] took H3489 a nail H168 of the tent, H7760 [H8799] and took H4718 an hammer H3027 in her hand, H935 [H8799] and went H3814 softly H8628 [H8799] to him, and smote H3489 the nail H7541 into his temples, H6795 [H8799] and fastened H776 it into the earth: H7290 [H8738] for he was fast asleep H5774 [H8799] and weary. H4191 [H8799] So he died.
  22 H1301 And, behold, as Barak H7291 [H8802] pursued H5516 Sisera, H3278 Jael H3318 [H8799] came out H7125 [H8800] to meet H559 [H8799] him, and said H3212 [H8798] to him, Come, H7200 [H8686] and I will show H376 thee the man H1245 [H8764] whom thou seekest. H935 [H8799] And when he came H5516 into her tent, behold, Sisera H5307 [H8802] lay H4191 [H8801] dead, H3489 and the nail H7541 was in his temples.
  23 H430 So God H3665 [H8686] subdued H3117 on that day H2985 Jabin H4428 the king H3667 of Canaan H6440 at the face of H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel.
  24 H3027 And the hand H1121 of the sons H3478 of Israel H3212 H1980 [H8799] prospered, H7186 and prevailed H2985 against Jabin H4428 the king H3667 of Canaan, H3772 [H8689] until they had cut off H2985 Jabin H4428 king H3667 of Canaan.