Psalms 7

  1 H3068 O LORD H430 my God, H2620 [H8804] in thee do I put my trust: H3467 [H8685] liberate H7291 [H8802] me from all them that persecute H5337 [H8685] me, and deliver me:
  2 H2963 [H8799] Lest he tear H5315 my breath H738 like a lion, H6561 [H8802] rending it in pieces, H5337 [H8688] while there is none to deliver.
  3 H3068 O LORD H430 my God, H6213 [H8804] if I have done H3426 this; if there is H5766 distortion H3709 in my palms;
  4 H1580 [H8804] If I have rewarded H7451 evil H7999 [H8802] to him that was at peace H2502 [H8762] with me; (yea, I have delivered H7387 him that without cause H6887 [H8802] is binding me:)
  5 H341 [H8802] Let the enemy H7291 [H8762] persecute H5315 my breath, H5381 [H8686] and take H7429 [H8799] it; yea, let him tread down H2416 my life H776 upon the earth, H7931 [H8686] and lay H3519 my glory H6083 in the dust. H5542 Selah.
  6 H6965 [H8798] Arise, H3068 O LORD, H639 in thine anger, H5375 [H8734] lift up H5678 thyself because of the rage H6887 [H8802] of those binding me: H5782 [H8798] and awake H4941 for me to the judgment H6680 [H8765] that thou hast commanded.
  7 H5712 So shall the company H3816 of the folks H5437 [H8779] surround thee: H7725 [H8798] for their sakes therefore return H4791 thou on high.
  8 H3068 The LORD H1777 [H8799] shall judge H5971 the people: H8199 [H8798] judge H3068 me, O LORD, H6664 according to my righteousness, H8537 and according to my integrity that is in me.
  9 H7451 O let the evil H7563 of the wicked H1584 [H8799] come to an end; H3559 [H8787] but establish H6662 the just: H6662 for the righteous H430 God H974 [H8802] trieth H3826 the hearts H3629 and kidneys.
  10 H4043 My defence H430 is from God, H3467 [H8688] who liberateth H3477 the upright H3820 in heart.
  11 H430 God H8199 [H8802] judgeth H6662 the righteous, H410 and God H2194 [H8802] is foaming at the mouth H3117 with the wicked every day.
  12 H7725 [H8799] If he turn H3913 [H8799] not, he will whet H2719 his sword; H1869 [H8804] he hath bent H7198 his bow, H3559 [H8787] and made it ready.
  13 H3559 [H8689] He hath also prepared H3627 for him the instruments H4194 of death; H6466 [H8799] he ordaineth H2671 his arrows H1814 [H8801] against the persecutors.
  14 H2254 [H8762] Behold, he travaileth H205 with nothingness, H2029 [H8804] and hath conceived H5999 mischief, H3205 [H8804] and brought forth H8267 falsehood.
  15 H3738 [H8804] He made H953 a hole, H2658 [H8799] and dug H5307 [H8799] it, and hath fallen H7845 into the pit H6466 [H8799] which he made.
  16 H5999 His mischief H7725 [H8799] shall return H7218 upon his own head, H2555 and his violent H3381 [H8799] dealing shall come down H6936 upon the crown of his head.
  17 H3034 [H8686] I will praise H3068 the LORD H6664 according to his righteousness: H2167 [H8762] and will sing praise H8034 to the name H3068 of the LORD H5945 most high.