Jeremiah 44:15-19

Coverdale(i) 15 Then all the men which knewe that their wyues had offred vnto straunge goddes, & a greate sorte off wyues that stode there, yee and all the people that dwelt there in Egipte in the cite of Patures, answerde Ieremy, & sayde: 16 As for the wordes that thou hast spoken vnto vs in the name of the LORDE, we will in no wyse heare them: 17 but what so euer goeth out of oure owne mouth, that wil we do: We will do sacrifice, and offre oblacions vnto the Quene off heauen: like as we and or forefathers, oure kynges and oure heades haue done in the cities off Iuda, and in the stretes and feldes of Ierusalem. For then had we plenteousnesse off vytales, then were we in prosperite, and no my?fortune came vpon vs. 18 But sens we left of, to offre, and to do sacrifice vnto the Quene of heauen, we haue had scarcenes of all thinges, and perish wt the swearde and honger. 19 Last of all, when we wome did sacrifice and offred vnto the Quene of heaue, did we make her cakes ad poure vnto her drinkofferinges, to do her seruyce, without oure hu?bondes wylles?