Jeremiah 43

Coverdale(i) 1 Now when Ieremy had ended all ye wordes of ye LORDE God vnto ye people, (for their sakes to whom God had sent him) 2 Asarias the sonne of Osias, & Iohana ye sonne of Carea, with all the proude personnes, sayde vnto Ieremy: Thou lyest, the LORDE oure God hath not sent ye to speake vnto vs, that we shulde not go in to Egipte, and dwell there: 3 But Baruch the sonne of Nerias prouoketh the agaynst vs, that he might bringe vs in to the captyuyte off the Caldees: that they might slaye vs, and carie vs awaye presoners vnto Babilon. 4 So Iohanna the sonne of Carea, and all the captaynes of the hooste, and all the people folowed not the commaundement of the LORDE: Namely, to dwell in the londe off Iuda: 5 But Iohanna the sonne of Carea & all the captaynes of the hooste, caried awaye all the remnaunt in Iuda, that were come together agayne from the Heithen (amoge whom they had bene scatred) to dwell in the londe of Iuda: 6 Men, women, childre, the kynges doughters: all those that Nabusaradan the chefe captayne had left with Godolias the sonne of Ahicam. They caried awaye also the prophet Ieremy, Baruch the sonne of Nerias, 7 and so came in to Egipte: for they were not obedient vnto the commaundement of God. Thus came they to Taphnis. 8 And in Taphnis the worde off the LORDE happened vnto Ieremy, sayenge: 9 Take greate stones in thine hode, and hyde them in the brick wall, vnder the dore off Pharaos house in Taphnis, that all the men of Iuda maye se, 10 and saye vnto them: Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: Beholde, I will sende and call for Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon my seruaunt, and will set his seate vpon these stones that I haue hyd, and he shall sprede his tente ouer them. 11 And when he commeth, he shal smyte the lode of Egipte with slaughter, with presonment and with the swearde. 12 He shall set fyre vpon the temples of the Egipcias goddes, and burne them vp, & take them selues presoners. Morouer he shall araye himselff wt the lode of Egipte, like as a shepherde putteth on his cote, and shall departe his awaye from thence in peace. 13 The pilers also of the temple of the Sonne that is in Egipte, shal he breake in peces, and burne the tempels of the Egipcians goddes.