Jeremiah 43

Thomson(i) 1 And when Jeremias^ had made an end of speaking all these words of the Lord to the people, even all the words which the Lord had sent him to speak to them, 2 Azarias son of Maasias and Joanan son of Karae, and all the men who had spoken to Jeremias, said in reply, It is false. The Lord hath not sent thee to us, saying, You shall not go to Egypt to dwell there. 3 But Baruch son of Nerias setteth thee on against us, that thou mayst deliver us into the hands of the Chaldeans to be put to death, or banished to Babylon. 4 So Joanan and all the generals of the army and all the people hearkened not to the voice of the Lord to dwell in the land of Juda. 5 And Joanan and all the generals of the army took all the remnant of Juda, who had returned to dwell in the land, 6 the men fit for war, and the women and the children which were left and the king's daughters, even all the souls which Nabusardan had left with Godolias son of Achikam, including Jeremias the prophet, and Baruch son of Nerias, and went to Egypt. 7 Because they hearkened not to the voice of the Lord, therefore when they came to Taphnas, 8 a word of the Lord came to Jeremias at Taphnas, saying, 9 Take thee large stones and bury them at the entrance of the gate of Pharao's house at Taphnas, in the presence of the men of Juda 10 and thou shalt say, Thus said the Lord, Behold I send and I will bring Nabuchodonosar king of Babylon and he shall place his throne over these stones, which thou hast hidden, and pile his arms over them. 11 And when he is come he will smite the land of Egypt, sentencing to death them who are for death; and to banishment such as are for banishment; and to the sword such as are for the sword. 12 And he will kindle a fire in the houses of their gods, and burn the houses and carry away the god's captives: and he will search the land of Egypt, as a shepherd doth his garment, and shall go thence in peace. 13 And he will break in pieces the pillars of Heliopolis, even those of On, and burn their houses with fire.