2 Chronicles

ECB(i) 1
And Shelomoh the son of David strengthens in his sovereigndom; and Yah Veh his Elohim is with him and greatens him exceedingly. 2
And Shelomoh says to all Yisra El - to governors of thousands and of hundreds and to judges and to every hierarch in all Yisra El, heads of the fathers: 3 and Shelomoh and all his congregation go to the bamah at Gibon; for the tent of the congregation of Elohim Mosheh the servant of Yah Veh worked in the wilderness is there: 4 but David ascended the ark of Elohim from Qiryath Arim when David prepared for it: for he spreads a tent for it at Yeru Shalem: 5 and he set the copper sacrifice altar Besal El the son of Uri the son of Hur worked at the face of the tabernacle of Yah Veh: and Shelomoh and the congregation seek unto it: 6 and there Shelomoh holocausts to the copper sacrifice altar at the face of Yah Veh at the tent of the congregation; and holocausts a thousand holocausts thereon. 7
In that night, Elohim is seen by Shelomoh and says to him, Ask what I give you. 8 And Shelomoh says to Elohim, You worked great mercy to David my father and have me to reign in his stead: 9 now, O Yah Veh Elohim, amen your word to David my father: for you have me to reign over much people as the dust of the earth: 10 give me now wisdom and knowledge to go and come at the face of this people: for who can judge this your people so great? 11 And Elohim says to Shelomoh, Because this is in your heart and you ask neither riches, holdings or honor, nor the soul of your haters, nor yet ask for many days; but ask wisdom and knowledge for yourself to judge my people over whom I have you reign: 12 wisdom and knowledge are given you; and I give you riches and holdings and honor such as neither became sovereigns at your face, nor becomes after you. 13 And Shelomoh comes to the bamah at Gibon to Yeru Shalem from the face of the tent of the congregation and reigns over Yisra El. 14 And Shelomoh gathers chariots and cavalry: and he has a thousand and four hundred chariots and twelve thousand cavalry which he sets in the chariot cities and with the sovereign at Yeru Shalem. 15 And the sovereign gives silver and gold at Yeru Shalem as stones and gives cedar trees as sycomore trees that are in the lowland for abundance: 16 and Shelomoh proceeds horses and troops from Misrayim: the merchants of the sovereign take the troops at a price: 17 and they ascend from Misrayim and bring a chariot for six hundred silver and a horse for a hundred and fifty: and thus they bring for all the sovereigns of the Hethiy and for the sovereigns of Aram by their hand.